Bolanos Drum Company is Revolutionizing the Drum Manufacturing Industry

Despite the widespread availability of materials and technologies, many industries remain stuck in staid and outdated processes.  It takes vision and ingenuity to break out of the rut of antiquated mechanisms.  These are two qualities that Bolanos Drum Company of Glendale Heights, Illinois possesses in spades. Drawing upon the rich musical history of nearby Chicago, Bolanos Drum Company is producing drums with a more appealing sound by innovating new production methods.

Traditional drum vendors typically only sell drums that have maple or birch materials because the primary manufacturers that supply them resist change.  The unfortunate byproduct of this stagnant system is that almost all drums sound similar.  By adding other types of wood like mahogany, oak, walnut, beech and bubinga, Bolanos Drum Company produces a range of sounds that allow musicians to produce a more distinctive signature sound.

Bolanos Drum Company is pioneering a new manufacturing scheme, but, despite its big ideas, it is still a small company. In order to help make its unique vision for the drum manufacturing industry a reality, Bolanos Drum Company has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. With the $40,000, it hopes to raise, Bolanos Drum Company will be able to attract new customers who can spread the word about their unique products.  This startup money will also enable Bolanos Drum Company to fabricate more of their drums in-house, lowering costs to consumers.  Finally, raised funds will allow for promotions in the major industry publications, exhibits at trade shows and floor model displays at prominent stores.

To become a part of this historic project, you only need to visit and make a pledge.  Supporters will receive various perks, which may include T-shirts, baseball caps, or maple snare drums.

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Company Name: Building drums for every drummer
Contact Person: Samuel Martinez
Country: United States