Lauded Singer-Songwriter Ellis Paul Featured in 10 Days In A Madhouse Film

“Ellis Paul joins forces with the spirit of Nellie Bly through his music to spread the message that women can accomplish anything in the biopic 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE.”
Iconic Folk Singer-Songwriter Ellis Paul collaborates with Hollywood on beautifully compelling film 10 Days In A Madhouse, based on the book by Nellie Bly.

Kristian Bush, of Sugarland and Billy Pilgrim fame, best describes Ellis Paul’s music, “His voice is one of the most recognizable recorded voices I’ve ever worked with, and his grasp of lyric and melody is 1 in a 100,000 writers – I kind of consider him two needles in the haystack.”

“With over 5,000 live shows, 19 albums, 15 Boston Music Awards, and countless number of younger artists who cite his influence, it was a no-brainer to have award-winning musician and storyteller Ellis Paul provide an inspirational song to the soundtrack of 10 Days In A Madhouse, a true-story film that depicts real-life trailblazer Nellie Bly’s seminal undercover investigation of New York City’s most notorious insane asylum,” says the film’s producer, Susan Goforth. “Ellis Paul’s music grabs you in the deepest part of your soul and inspires you in the same way Nellie Bly inspires you. He is a perfect match for this story, and his thousands of dedicated fans will be enormously satisfied with this collaboration.”

Ellis Paul’s journey to write about heroine Nellie Bly started as a work of love when he began working on music for children after the birth of his second daughter. His first family album, titled The Dragonfly Races, won a Parents’ Choice Award and made NPR’s ‘Top 10 Children’s Albums’ list. Through fantastical imagery and gentle, hum-able tunes, these songs teach lessons about faith, dedication, and peace.

His follow up album, The Hero In You, was released four years later in 2012. This time, he set out to inspire kids through the stories of historical heroes- both popular, such as Albert Einstein, and lesser-known, such as Nellie Bly. Other figures include Rosa Parks, Ben Franklin, Jackie Robinson and Georgia O’Keefe.

When writing about courageous 1880s journalist and adventurer Nellie Bly, Paul wanted to invoke a sense of bravery. “Nellie Bly was always a leader. She never waited for the world to come her. I wanted people to be inspired by that, which is why one of the repeating lines is, ‘Nellie Bly, Nellie Bly / The world can be yours if you try’.”

Ellis Paul goes on to describe how he came to be a part of such a big feminist film as 10 Days In A Madhouse.

“One day, I get a call from my agent who informs me that a Hollywood film director named Timothy Hines came to see one of my shows, and that he is interested in using my Nellie Bly song. I was thrilled,” Paul says. “10 Days In A Madhouse is such a great opportunity to bring Nellie into the spotlight. So many female heroes in history never get the recognition they deserve.”

“It’s been great working with Timothy Hines and [producer] Susan Goforth. The fact that he heard my song, came out to see me play live, and then went to great lengths to include my song in his film is pretty remarkable.” 

 The song sings, “Nellie Bly, she was sly, she was like a private eye/ She went undercover into a women’s mental ward/ Her pen was like a sword, she played sick to be among the others. The patients weren’t being treated right/ she stayed there ten long days and nights, then she told the whole world/ What it’s all about!”

Director Timothy Hines says that he was so drawn to the upbeat nature of Paul’s song because “10 Days In A Madhouse is inherently a triumphant film. Even though there are terrible things that happen, in the end, one person makes a Huge difference – and that is an important message. I wanted the audience to leave feeling the film’s positive message reinforced.”

10 Days In A Madhouse stars brilliant newcomer Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert (Highlander) Kelly Le Brock (Weird Science), Julia Chantrey (Mean Girls) and Russian celebrity actress Alexandra Callas. The movie is currently playing in select theaters and is expanding to more cities across the United States. It is expected to pull in big numbers at the box office and garner nominations for the 89th Academy Awards in 2017. 

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