MODERNELIVING Ambitious To Lead Modern Furniture Market in 2016

29 Jan, 2016 – MODERNELIVING has paid special attention to simplify going through its web portal for users who want to buy the best furniture for home and office, but cannot spare time to explore the local markets. The company has showrooms in Chicago, but you can buy its products from anywhere on globe. Michael Muranski, ambitious sales executive of MODERNELIVING, said while talking to press showed great ambitions while talking about marketing policy for 2016.

He said, “MODERNELIVING’s furniture designs have been a popular trend in Chicago (IL) over the past several years and they have now become a style of choice for many, as people from around the globe have been buying them. Such furniture is adoptable to both home and office. It will definitely add a feeling of modern living to any premises.  Our concept is based on saving space and making the room feels more formal.”

While explaining the concepts behind designs, Michael added, “We have designed all pieces with an objective in mind. We believe that style should allow for all necessary pieces needed for comfortable living, while the space should be saved and no going overboard is allowed. The colors are reduced and all the furniture pieces are decorated with modern accessories. The mix of decoration and function is what’s in style. So you can say that MODERNELIVING offers furniture, which is both decorative and functional, as well as is adoptable to all modern interiors.”

“Our furniture warehouse in Chicago provides a wide array of brands to choose from. Here the customer will have a chance to browse the most popular manufacturers depending on the style. We offer a large choice of furniture for any room in your house, be it kitchen, living room, bedroom or TV lounge. We have paid special attention even to kids’ furniture and there is a well-matching diversity for children rooms,” Michael added.

“We understand that offices shouldn’t be disregarded, that’s why we have carefully chosen the office furniture items. Our styles are very suitable for the office workers and there are pretty good choices to make from office furniture, desks, chairs and closets.  Saving space is especially needed in the office where functionality of furniture is very compulsory.”

Talking about company’s latest efforts, Michael especially highlighted the comparison of prices. He said, “The website is well-designed to make the search for the Modern living European furniture as easy as possible. And at the same time, we have not compromised on quality of service. Your all questions are answered over email or via phone in a timely manner. And customers must not forget that although our collection features furniture from premium Italian and German Brands such as Reflex, Spectral, Bontempi Casa, Bonaldo, Pianca, Tonelli, Armobil, Cierre, Alivar, Polaris, Busnelli, Profap, Noti, Iker, etc., our prices are competitive even for European buyers.”

Michael Muranski added that management has decided to partner with a web marketing company in order to introduce our furniture items to the potential customers.

“If visitors feel there is a need for improvement in service, quality or designs of products, their messages would be welcomed,” said Michael.

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