Legal/Ethical Questions over Sirius XM’s Sam Roberts Show Officially Endorsing Trump for President? Press Conference Set

LOS ANGELES, CA – 29 Jan, 2016 – Sirius XM’s Sam Roberts Show has been making quite the stir as of late with speculation that the show may officially endorse Donald Trump in his bid for the Presidency. Host Sam Roberts, and his show staff, have been covering the Trump campaign extensively since the mogul officially entered the race. Sam Roberts Show has provided simulcast commentary for all the debates while relaying key inside information. Fans of Sam Roberts Show have questioned not only if Sam Roberts Show was endorsing Trump but also if the young host, and former Opie and Anthony Executive Producer, was, in fact, somehow tied to the Trump campaign. If even the former is true, it would most likely mark the first Sirius XM show to officially endorse a candidate, let alone Mr. Trump.

The question of fair and equal time to candidates may arise. Attorney Chelsea Galicia, host of the Black Hollywood Live Network series, “Justice is Served” weighed in: “Endorsing a candidate does not invoke the equal-time rule. Only actual broadcast radio and TV time of the candidate him or herself would entitle an equal amount of screen or air time to another candidate who requested it. So unless Sam Roberts actually has Mr. Trump on his show, then Mrs. Clinton, for example, wouldn’t have a claim to air time on the show. Perhaps the bigger exemption here is the fact that Sam Roberts Show is on satellite radio. The equal time rule applies only to broadcast radio and TV shows that license public airwaves. So if cable channels are excluded from having to provide equal time (which is the case) then it would seem that satellite hosts are safe to endorse candidates without fearing repercussion.”

Yet, even if there are no legal precedents, there could be ethical ones. However, in the ever changing media landscape where lines are continually blurred this could simply be a sign of the times. To add to the controversy, it will be interesting to see how Sam Roberts Show contributor and outspoken famed artist, DJ Whokidd, will react if an official announcement is made. “DJ Whokidd is a great artist. We respect whomever he chooses to endorse in the upcoming Presidential election. Our hope it that Sam Roberts Show also respects his decision, particularly if its not for Mr. Trump,” says a spokesperson for the BHL’s politcial roundtable show, Black Tea Party.

To attempt to put all matters to rest, and to address the issues, Sam Roberts Show has stated he will hold a press conference live on the air sometime next week. Reps for Sirius XM did not return calls.

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