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29 Jan, 2016 – Have you traveled the road of addiction and would like to share your story with others who are in the midst of a similar journey? If so, you can share your story right now at, a brand new addiction and recovery website that connects those in recovery to one another. This newly launched website is a safe place for those struggling with addiction, people in recovery, and even family members and friends who are seeking tips on encouragement and support. The website offers a forum for various types of stories to be shared, from the struggles of living with an addiction to the journey of rehabilitation and the hope found in recovery and being sober.

Drug and alcohol addictions are at epidemic proportions in the United States and those living with addiction need all of the help they can get. is one place people can turn to for help. For many living with addiction, reading true-life stories of others who have faced the same issues but have successfully overcome them can be very inspirational and motivating. The stories featured on the website highlight the fact that even though the battle with addiction can be difficult and sometimes frightening, there can also be victory. is also a secure environment for friends and loved ones of those living with addiction. Often times, family members, friends and spouses have questions or are seeking advice but may be unsure where to find it. Stories on the website reveal to this group that they are not alone and that many other people have successfully chartered the obstacles that can come along with addiction. These nuggets of advice and real stories of success offer hope and encouragement to family and loved ones of an addict.

The sharing of experiences also creates a community environment that allows people to put down their guard and become open to discussing all aspects of addiction, rehabilitation and recovery tips. The website offers an area for people to not only share stories but also pictures. And, for those who are cautious or not ready to divulge information, remaining anonymous is an option.

At, our mission is to let those struggling with addiction know there is a safe place for them to go and express their feelings, ask questions and reach out to people who understand. We believe no individual should have to battle substance abuse on his or her own. Sharing your current struggle and reaching out to others is a very important step in the recovery process. It helps removes the aspect of isolation, which is something many addicts battle with on a regular basis.

Share your story today at or visit the website to browse through various real life stories. Your addiction experience can change the life of someone else and can give him or her hope to reach out and ultimately ask for help.

Let’s work together to remove the stigma associated with addiction by openly sharing our struggles and our victories.

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