Various Oil Free Air Compressor Models Available For Multiple Applications

China based Anqing Bailian Oil Free Air Compressor Co. Ltd. announces to supply various oil free air compressors, including hydrogen compressors and helium compressors, for industrial clients across the world.

The Chinese company is a specialized manufacturer of various types of air compressors to be used in industrial as well as healthcare applications. These compressors are built using the latest air pressure techniques and are efficient and safe to use in multiple applications. Industrial clients can now procure these air compressors for their various requirements.

The company spokesperson reveals that their 100% oilless hydrogen compressor is popular among industrial clients across the world. The compressors have several advantages and are suitable for filling or refilling of several gases, such as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, helium and others. With an oil-free filling, it is possible to maintain an utmost level of purity of the inlet gas and at the same time, there is no pollution related issues. These compressors are highly reliable and allow the top cost performance with zero maintenance and an optimized gas transfer capacity.

The company also specializes in the manufacturing of the helium compressor that is easy to operate and comes with a long lasting performance. With over 4000 hours of piston ring working life, the compressor can be used for high efficient and low energy consumption processing of helium and other gases. The company spokesperson reveals that they produce USA RIX brand  level quality compressors with top brand motors that do not require any lubrication for processing gases. The compressor can be used to achieve a compression level of 1-4 in a cost-effective manner.

Various Oil Free Air Compressor Models Available For Multiple Applications

For industrial clients, the Chinese company has a significant oil free air compressor range. The air cooled or water cooled compressors are CE certified and offer a guarantee of safety and performance. With low power consumption, now it is possible to process gases or air at a significant speed. With an adequate suction pressure, it can be used for filling empty gas tanks in a quick and easy manner.

The compressors offered by the company feature high efficiency, low energy consumption and almost zero maintenance. To learn more about the features of the compressors, one may visit the website

About Anqing Bailian Oil Free Air Compressor Co. Ltd. 

The company was established in 1995, and is located in the historical and cultural city of Anqing in the Anhui Province of China. The company is a professional manufacturer of high-pressure oil free compressors, oxygen compressor, oxygen booster, nitrogen compressor, hydrogen compressor, carbon dioxide compressor, argon gas compressors, helium compressors, ammonia compressors, boosters, special gas compressors etc.

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