Passion, Creativity, and Strategic Relationships is Key to Digital Marketing Success for a Rising Digital Warrior

Cody Jensen, Founder & CEO of Searchbloom Agency suggests that social signals are more hype than anything. He has not found convicing evidence that social media play’s a big role (or any role) in search engine optimization.
Not a fan of social media marketing?

Cody Jensen is a strong advocate of optimizing the power and reach of the Internet through search engine optimization, analytics, and PPC campaigns. The Founder and CEO of Searchbloom Agency believes that companies who have an internet presence will do a lot better driving traffic and generating business if their websites have been fully optimized for the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Cody Jensen’s penchant for pushing the boundaries of digital marketing has been lauded by the companies in which his services have been instrumental in these businesses’ success. His knowledge of business models gained from the Woodbury School of Businesses as well as his experience with digital giant Google has enabled this young digital warrior to come up with his own unique brand of understanding what works and what doesn’t work in the challenging world of digital marketing. His experience with SEO giants Boostability and 180Fusion has worked well to give Cody Jensen unquestionable insight regarding the inner workings of the digital marketing world. When taken together with his 2-year experience with Google and the world now has a digital marketing warrior out to give back something to the community.

Sam Rueckert, one of Cody Jensen’s client, said that Cody’s approach to work is deeply rooted in his high motivation and energy. “What Cody is very passionate about is building and developing mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with his clients,” Rueckert adds. He further goes on to show that Cody Jensen’s passion and high energy are infectious that everyone else in the company have been motivated to learn everything they can about digital marketing from Ad Words to PPCs to SEOs and to Google Analytics. Cody Jensen’s hands-on approach is something that is proving invaluable to many of his clients. His work ethics and demonstrated digital marketing expertise, without sounding and looking arrogant, have been lauded by other clients who require his digital marketing specialization.

As a testament to this hands-on approach and commitment to provide only the best and highest quality of digital marketing consultancy services, Skyler Hanks, Mortgage Advisor for Pinnacle Capital Mortgage adds, “Cody Jensen has one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to digital marketing… his creativity… passion… and expertise have all been rubbed onto the companies he has worked with.” Charles Ifegwu, another satisfied client has this to say about Cody Jensen. “Cody Jensen is the trifecta of marketing genius. His passion, creativity, and commitment to successful business relationships are simply inspiring such that others simply want to be like him.”

Cody Jensen does not necessarily believe in the value of social marketing in search engine optimization, however. When asked why, he simply believes that social signals are more hype than anything. He further adds that there is no conclusive evidence to show that social media can play a substantial role in search engine optimization. He does, however, recognize that social media and its related marketing activities can nonetheless add to any business organization’s bottom line.

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