BBQ EZ Reinvents Cooking Basting Brush with Grappler Technology

Grappler technology eliminates the frustration of long grilling and cleanup time.

PHILADELPHIA, PA. – BBQ EZ announced today that it will launch a new style basting brush and saucepan combination on Feb. 6, 2016 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo that revolutionizes the classic, tried and true cooking instrument – the basting brush using grappler technology.  Grapplers unlike bristles spread sauce smoother and faster, eliminating the frustration of dipping constantly or requiring vinegar, lemon juice or chemicals like bleach to clean it. We don’t do bristles or cotton. The technology behind cotton mops and pastry brushes was created for painters and janitors, not cooks. The purpose of grappler technology was created to baste and clean up faster.  “Cooks should use tools created for cooks, not for painters and janitors,” said Merv Russell, BBQ EZ CEO.

It solves the No. 1 consumer dissatisfaction with regular basting brushes – cleanup – while also giving users the added confidence of grilling faster. Grapplers hold 30% more sauce and spread it faster and smoother than regular cotton and bristle brushes. A BBQ EZ basting brush loaded with sauce can clean in less than 15 seconds using an easy spin technique as evidenced on the demo video on The company, founded by Merv Russell, an entrepreneur, avid griller and nurse disliked using the standard cotton basting mop and bristle brush but, felt the standard silicone brush didn’t go far enough in design.

Grilling season will soon be upon us kicking off with Memorial Day. We intend to provide avid grillers with brushes they can baste, sop and slather sauce fast without all the dipping and dripping and at the same time a specially designed stainless steel saucepan that hooks your basting brush in place to prevent less mess. The goal is to cut grilling and cleaning time in half and spend more time with family and friends.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that in one recent year roughly one in six Americans got sick from foodborne illnesses, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. The bad guys are certain types of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. “As a cook, nurse and entrepreneur I hope to inspire others to stop using outdated cotton mops and boar bristle brushes for basting food, as both can cause cross contamination and harbor dangerous bacteria like e-coli and the norovirus,” said Merv Russell.  Using FDA certified food grade silicone instead of cotton fiber and other porous bristles during food preparation can help decrease cross contamination of raw and cooked foods.

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