Learn German 6000 Words App Version 4.52 Released with New Android Material Design

Learn German 6000 Words, a language app that has already been downloaded by scores of language enthusiasts, was recently redesigned and released by Fun Easy Learn.

Learn German 6000 Words, a vocabulary app that claims to make German language learning a lot easier and simpler for beginners, was recently re-launched through the Android app marketplace. The developers associated with Fun Easy Learn told the press that the latest version of the app, the version 4.52 contains major design changes. They also added that the database images have been replaced with better images this time and told that bugs have been successfully eliminated by them.

“Last time when we redesigned and modified the app, there were still some bugs left. We wanted to make sure that the redesigned app comes out a cleaner one with more user-friendly features incorporated within,” said a member of the development team. “However, our primary focus was on designing the interface as we desperately wanted to get the better off our competitors. We know there are a couple of German language learning apps out there on the market. However, the Learn German 6000 Words app that we have designed is going to beat the competition with its stunning new look and the host of added features,” the developer claimed.

According to Fun Easy Learn developers, the newly designed app is especially optimized for Android 5 devices. “We have found that most of the Smartphone devices in use today use Android 5. In order to create some traction in the market, we have designed the app especially for Android 5 powered devices. In addition to that, we have also added 10 more native languages apart from the 49 languages that were already there,” claimed a project manager of Fun Easy Learn. This executively also confirmed that the app will be redesigned again in the near future though he maintained that existing users can just update the Learn German app installed on their phone for free.

“The material design of the Android is where we have brought the biggest changes. Notwithstanding the other changes, this is something our users have been waiting for too long. We believe that now they can see and use Learn German 6000 Words version 4.52 with complete peace of mind,” said the owner and CEO of Fun Easy Learn told during a press conference.

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Fun Easy Learn is an e-learning app development company that has a string of vocabulary apps, including Learn German 6000 Words, to its credit.

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