Olight Releases the Best Integration of Slimness and Beam Distance – S30R Javelot

Olight has two distinct groups of flashlights: batons and javelots. People may tend to ask what that special name indicates for the flashlight models.

Javelot is the French word for javelin, a tool that is used in modern day sports. Batons either indicate the clubs held by policemen or the ones used for relay races. Olight batons are typically slim, nice cylinder shaped S series flashlights while javelots are good throwers with a range of over several hundreds of meters. Throwers are mostly bulker M-series (tactical) flashlights with a large head. M23, M2X, M3X and M3X-UT are typical javelots of that shape.

People may mistakenly believe that lumens is the direct indicator of brightness, whereas it only shows the output of light. Candela (original called candle power) is a unit used to measure the intensity of light detected by human eyes, while lumen is the measurement of the total amount of light emitted from the flashlight.

Let’s see the difference between S30R Baton II and S30R Javelot, the emphasis for the former is the lumen output with a larger spill while the later is focused on the light intensity.

S30R Javelot and S30R II has identical bodies and almost the same size – 117.5mm body length, 12.6mm diameter, the anodized all aluminum body and feel. As the name indicates, Olight S30R Javelot is designed to be a thrower flashlight. Therefore the most important feature of S30R Javelot is the increased beam distance – 264 meters (289 yards/866 feet), while comparing to the beam distance of only 196 meters (214 yards/643 feet) for the S30R Baton II. The specifications on S30R II may indicate it is “brighter” – 1020 lumens comparing to 900 lumens of the javelot, while the led that the javelot uses – CREE XP-L HI outruns its Baton brother, which uses CREE XM-L2.

If people read the candela of both models, it states more clearer. The javelot has 18,500 cd  (short form of candela) at max output, while the baton has 9,600 cd only. It is the candela that determines the beam distance.

In regard to the integration of slimness and beam distance, S30R Javelot maybe the best model of Olight flashlights so far.

S30R Javelot was launched in late 2015 and is available for sale on Amazon US, Canada, UK, France and Japan.

Amazon Canada – http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B019RBGAI8

Amazon US – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016PZ7FOW

Amazon France – http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B016XGVSRI

Amazon UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01A0N7ZF4

Amazon Japan – http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B019Z3G7C2

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