Developers Call on Public to Fund PrivacyCentric Chat Messenger App

Mobile communication undergoes a discreet revamp this week, with the launch of chat messenger app, Yofam. Imagined as a tasteful alternative to invasive messenger apps, Yofam is designed for smartphone users that love their time, live their moments and refuse to be controlled by technology 24/7. To finance the final development stages and get the app smartphone ready, Yofam is launching a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £25,000.

Underpinned by a resolute respect for user privacy, Yofam is a new generation of messenger app. Rather than insist users stay connected 24/7, it restores the discretion and confidentiality that no longer exist in modern versions of popular messenger apps. Like its counterparts, Yofam supports a complete range of dynamic content options, including text, chat, share media, voice notes and videos. The difference lies in the way communication is relayed. Rather than burden users with intrusive features such as ‘message read’ indicators and ‘last seen’ disclosures, Yofam keeps things cool, casual and refreshingly private. By shunning a constant need for connection, Yofam hands smartphone users the freedom to unleash themselves from their devices and live in the here and now.

“At its core Yofam is a fun and upbeat app designed for people who love to be social and independent, enjoy hanging out with friends, but can also find pleasure in reading a good book in silence, or simply spending quality time with the family while disconnecting from technology,” says Adel Melanin Founder and CEO.

Across the globe, messenger apps have emerged as the world’s favourite way to keep in touch. As of August 2015, Statista revealed that WhatsApp hosted 800 million monthly users, Facebook Messenger connected 700 million people, QQ Mobile and WeChat supported over 600 million apiece while Skype was used by more than 300 million people. All are convenient and cost effective, however they all have an intrinsic tendency to take over lives. Yofam reinstates the right to privacy with a range of features steeped in discretion. These include options to turn off ‘online’ status, deactivate or custom set ‘last seen’ time, disable ‘random search’ visibility and remove profile picture. The app also features the innovative ‘time bomb’ function which allows users to send all content in auto delete mode.

While privacy is paramount, Yofam is also adamant about retaining the fun aspect of mobile messaging. The app boasts a range of upbeat features, including a colourful interface, icons library and ‘BOOM’ function.

Technology is state-of-the-art, with Yofam built with the same software as other popular real time messaging apps. All APIs are custom built and open source, with no third party programming. Featured systems include Erlang, AWS, Ejabberd, COW BOY, XMPP and Cassandra.

To fund the final development stages and launch the inaugural version of the app, Yofam is launching a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £25,000. The campaign goes live on February 1, with supporters offered a range of tiered rewards in exchange for monetary contributions. Cash will be used to finance development, develop contingency plans, launch tester trials and polish design.

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Yofam is a brand new online messenger app steeped in privacy, discretion and fun. Users can share text, chat, share media, voice notes and videos, without feeling the need to stay connected 24/7.


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