The Virginia Drug Addiction and Drug Treatment Landscape

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Among the more than 8 million residents of Virginia, only less than 28,000 native Virginians ever sought substance addiction treatment in 2013 accounting for roughly 0.34 percent of the state’s population.

Virginia’s treatment admission rates are much lower than some other states in the country. And while its drug treatment officials are saying that Virginia’s admission rates are actually improving over the course of several years, its 2012 rate nonetheless declined by 4 percent. Overall however, since 2008, Virginia’s admission treatment landscape improved by 9.7 percent. Like other states, Virginia’s main problem lies with marijuana at 24 percent followed by prescription opioid analgesics at 11 percent. This data has been a cause of concern for Virginia’s drug rehab officials. Only 8 percent of treatment admissions were attributed to heroin as well as cocaine or crack.

Also in 2013, there were 854 drug overdose associated deaths in Virginia accounting for a 10.2 drug overdose deaths for every 100,000 population. This, unfortunately, increased the following year in 2014 posting 980 deaths for an age adjusted drug overdose death rate of 11.7. The figures are nonetheless very promising in that it is considered relatively moderate compared to other states in the country with mortality rates exceeding 20 per 100,000.

Virginia’s drug rehabilitation landscape requires more concerted effort from everyone especially in the management of prescription opioid drugs and other synthetic opiates. Drug addiction centers can continue to beef up their facilities and amenities to entice more drug dependents into using them. This is perhaps one of the most overriding concerns any drug addiction center in Virginia has to face. With so few people out of a great number of drug dependents and addicts, the main issue now is how to increase the number of treatment admissions without necessarily infringing on the rights of individuals to make decisions on their own. While education and information dissemination campaigns continue to be pushed in communities, schools, and parishes, often these are not enough as the figures would show.

Many drug rehabilitation facility in Virginia are now looking at other ways on how they can help spread the word about the availability of drug treatment and rehabilitation services. Many have taken to the world of the internet in an effort to leverage the reach and power of networking of the internet. Social media platforms and networks are being tapped to increase the number of potential drug dependents who might seek drug addiction treatment. Even pay per click ad campaigns have been ventured into by Virginia’s drug rehab facilities, all in an effort to spread the word.

Of course, there is still much to be desired. Improving treatment admissions still does not answer the real problem in the first place. Communities are also at a loss as to how they can make their neighborhoods a lot safer for everyone. Many of the crimes in today’s society are perpetrated by individuals who are either drug dependents or have drug issues. Unless there is a way to stop the illegal distribution and sale of illicit drugs, Virginia’s neighborhoods will continue to be hounded by the sad realities of the drug scourge.

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