Atlanta Healthcare CEO Launches ”The Case For Flint” Water Drive

Effort Calls On All Healthcare Companies To Send One Case Of Water To Flint, Michigan

1 Feb, 2016 – Healthcare CEO Barbara Almon has launched an effort to aid the residents of Flint, Michigan in getting through their current poisoned water crisis. The effort calls on all healthcare companies in America to send one case of water to Flint in order to help mitigate its disastrous water crisis. Ms. Almon has relatives in the Flint area and throughout Michigan. The initiative has the potential of providing over three quarters of a million cases of safe drinking water to Flint residents which they so desperately need to get through the harsh Michigan Winter.  “The Case For Flint” drive would provide 18 million bottles of water for the city of 100,000 people. Flint residents need 20 million bottles of water a day to meet basic needs.

This citizen driven effort follows in the footsteps of the American hero citizens that discovered the Flint water problem, namely Flint pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha and Virginia Tech scientist Dr. Marc Edwards Ms. Almon’s national effort also greatly enhances the water collection efforts noted in a recent Newsweek article that is being led by celebrities such as singing legend Cher, Detroit material girl Madonna, Hip Hop star The Game, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, filmmaker Michael Moore, Detroit musician Jack White, actor Mark Wahlberg, and a host of rappers, NFL, and NBA stars West Coast Hip Hop king The Game has also made the largest donation from the entertainment world with $1 million dollars.

As an entrepreneur, Ms. Almon also notes that the small purchases of a case of water averaging $5 dollar each, also injects stimulus into the economy. The “Stone Soup” like effort sustains and creates thousands of jobs in retail, transportation, and delivery service areas such as the US Postal Service, FED-EX, and UPS. This economic activity and employment enhancement provides a boost to Flint’s, Michigan’s, and the nation’s economy. Ms. Almon is also a practicing nurse, and plans other efforts to address the long term effects of the water crisis as it relates particularly the children of Flint.  

An additional effort includes providing books and other education related support for the families such as initiating volunteer tutoring programs. Ms. Almon notes that Michigan has one of the largest and best college and university systems in the world. These top tier universities and colleges include the world class institutions of Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and an extensive community college network. 

Ms. Almon has vast experience with the main concern of lead poisoning due her working many years as a home care nurse, mainly dealing with childhood illnesses. Healthcare companies or professionals seeking more information or that would like to participate in the effort can contact Ms. Almon directly using the information below.

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