New Baby Back Mirror gives parents a clear view of children in rear-facing car seats

Tiny Leaf Baby Mirror offers full view of children without stopping the car

1 Feb, 2016 – Most parents know that it’s recommended that they keep their child in a rear-facing car seat until the child is at least two, but rear-facing seats can be difficult, because parents don’t have a clear view of their child without taking their eyes off the road or stopping the car, getting out, and moving to the back seat.

Rather than risking the injuries that could happen with a child in a front-facing car seat, or the obvious dangers of not looking at traffic, Tiny Leaf has offered another solution – a Baby Back Mirror

The Tiny Leaf Baby Mirror straps to the headrest of the rear seat of a car and gives the driver a clear, head-to-toe view of the child in a rear-facing car seat.

“Being a parent has many challenges,” Tiny Leaf CEO Marek Brezina said. “You obviously want to keep an eye on your child, but you need to keep your child safe, as well. We think a Baby Back Mirror like the Tiny Leaf Baby Mirror is a great solution, because it gives you a clear view of your child with just a glance in the rear-view mirror.”

Tiny Leaf’s Baby Back Mirror is made from shatterproof acrylic to offer both a clear view and safety. It uses straps to securely mount to a rear headrest and offers 360 degrees of adjustability.

The Baby Back Mirror also features two hooks mounted below the reflective surface so parents can hang the child’s favorite toy within reach.

“With a toy mounted to the Baby Back Mirror, parents can be confident that their child is occupied during the drive,” Brezina said. “With the baby occupied and with the parents having a clear view of the child, we think it makes trips in the car less stressful and much safer.”

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