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MIDDLETOWN, DE – 1 Feb, 2016 – Skipping is a fun activity that people from all walks of life can enjoy. Jump ropes vary in design, and different types are manufactured, to match specific fitness levels, and support personal training objectives. 

Jump ropes come in various designs, and are made to suit beginners, competitors, athletes and those skipping for fun. Weighted jump ropes, like the Golden Stallion weighted jump rope, are specifically geared toward professional athletes, and are ideal for intense, cardiovascular workout sessions.

Not all jump ropes are created equally 

Beaded Jump Ropes suit beginners, and those partaking in competitions. These types are visibly dynamic. Made up of assorted colourful beads, strung on a nylon cord, beaded jump ropes are heavy, and unsuitable for intense, cardiovascular workouts. The beads, however, prevent the cord from tangling, which is useful for novice skippers. 

Speed Jump Ropes are popular training tools, for professional athletes and boxers. Made from thin, vinyl cord, these jump ropes are lightweight, and ideal for indoor use. They wear out faster than resilient, beaded types, and the cords easily tangle. Skilled users shouldn’t have a problem with using them though, as they can use them to perform crossover movements, for greater dexterity. These cords can turn exceptionally fast, at approximately five to six times per second. Users can burn lots of calories, working out with Speed Jump Ropes. In fact, the same amount of calories burned in a 30-minute jog can be burned in a 10 to 15-minute skipping session.

Intense workouts for intense trainers

Leather Jump Ropes are favoured by athletes and boxers. A Leather Jump Rope is traditionally made with wooden, or plastic handles. Leather cords have the ability to rotate incredibly fast, for seriously intense training sessions, while Weighted Jump Ropes contain weights in the handles. These weights can compromise speed and agility, so they are not recommended for cardiovascular workouts. Users, however, can develop upper body strength, using such devices. 

The Golden Stallion jump rope incorporates weighted handles, and a leather cord, in its design. Made from high quality materials, this luxurious, weighted jump rope, is perfect for fitness enthusiasts, and intense training sessions. Attractively crafted wooden handles, have ball bearings incorporated into the design, to smooth out rotation motions and integrated weights are removable, allowing users to increase, or decrease resistance. 

Regular use of the Golden Stallion weighted jump rope can enhance agility, improve coordination, and increase endurance, while strengthening and sculpting the upper body. This jump rope is adjustable, to adapt to the user’s height, and very little space is needed to complete workouts sessions. A superb, high quality, fitness tool, the Golden Stallion Jump Rope comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

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