The Hemlock tie company launched a fundraiser campaign named ‘The Hemlock project – Sustainable, Responsible, Handmade’ at kickstarter

Hemlock Tie Company is new start up trying to innovate the conventional methodologies of fashion making process. The kick-starter campaign is set up to achieve a total of $ 3000.  So far, the campaign has raised $925 with 16 backers.

The owners of the company who are not only businessmen but also philanthropists want to improve the current processes and  share a vision of ‘ Creating a line of products handmade here in the U.S. with materials ranging from environmentally more sustainable to re-purposing and recycling appropriate fabrics, our hope is to create fashion that celebrates creativity and community’.

All the scarves, ties and other products at The Hemlock project are created from 100% organic fabrics. The purpose of using these organic products is that these methods of creation help maintain and hold the fertility of the soil and reducing the usage of toxic pesticides and fertilizers,  Although the amount of money consumed in this process is higher than the alike in the market who do not promote organic growth, but the end results are worthwhile.Thus making the products highly sustainable.

For people pledging and supporting the campaign, Hemlock company provides unique handpicked and customized gifts such as a handmade thank you card for people backing the project with as low as $5, a thank you card and company stickers and magnets for everyone raising above $20, Versatile infinity handmade scarf for pledging $50 ,above $90 a handmade tie, above $ 200 and get 1 monthly tie upto 6 months,and a one year membership tie of month club for people raising funds up to $400, with order ready for delivery by April 2016, across the whole world.

As per the campaign all the money raised through the campaign will be utilized in creating and cultivating 100% organic fabrics and creating the best in class technology around this.The project creates uniquely designed scarves and ties ensuring that you are always high on fashion without harming Mother Nature.

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