FortiFlex invites backers for ProFlex, a product with ability to change your favorite protein’s flavour without changing the protein itself

A fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo is initiated by FortiFlex for their newly launched product, ProFlex that lets you keep your existing protein with changedflavours. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $50,000 for the product with stretched funding goals.

Fortiflex is a start-up set up by two brother in laws, Chris Huddleston and Jack Moylein 2014.  The idea struck them when Chris was preparing for his first NPC competition and as a part of his workout regime, taking the same protein again and again made him gag. In the desperate need of change in flavours of the protein drinks, they worked hard with unmatched struggle, study and innovation. They consulted with a local food scientist and launched their first product named ProFlex. ProFlex is a unique flavouring solution that allows the customers to change the flavours of their protein drinks without having to change their protein. To cater the common problem faced by most of the athletes and body builders, ProFlex comes in a variety of flavours launched exclusively on indiegogo. The flavours include chai, coffee, banana and strawberry. Along with brilliant flavours, ProFlex is 100% sugar free and contains 0 calories, ensuring that the consumers will not upset their diets and regime in any way. The company has launched a detailed YouTube video for backers to understand how the revolutionary flavour changer works for their proteins.

As per the campaign, the mission of the team is to help people overcome the monotony and tastelessness one feels while being on strict diets. Since the fundraising campaign has stretched goals, so the team has planned to launch more unique and varied flavours for pre workout drinks.So far the campaign has received a good leap of raising $703 by 7 backers on the first day of its launch. If the campaign meets its goal of raising $50,000 USD, the money will be used up partially in developing 4 to 6 new flavours such as orange, mixed berry, peach, mint, cinnamon roll and peanut butter. With the remaining amount used in packaging, marketing, branding of the product.

To be able to meet the estimated funds, the campaign requires more number of backers who can get more FortiFlex products such as FortiFlex wrist band and 4 ProFlexstick packs at a featured price of $10 USD + $1 shipping, other options are also available for a featured package price of the products ranging upto $1000 USD + shipping. For those who want to promote the campaign and receive more updates on the progress of the campaign checkout the Indiegogo ProFlex fundraiser campaign. ProFlex: Keep your protein, change your flavours!

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Company Name: FortiFlex
Contact Person: Mike Schmutz
Phone: 801-946-6183
Country: United States