Introducing world’s first live app moving solution, a revolutionary new innovation in mobile devices technology!

February 02, 2016, Melbourne, VIC, Australia– Xigrom, a new startup from Melbourne, Australia is pleased to announce that it is aiming to raise $200,000 via a Kickstarter campaign in February 2016 to make Application Teleportation fully available for Android, Ubuntu and Windows platforms.

Teleporting Apps’ bring a technology from a Sci-Fi movie to reality. The new function enables users to easily ‘Teleport’ their Live-App from one device to the other and pick up exactly where they left off on the second device, with no interruption, saving time and frustration! In other words, it is the next generation of application technology with true live-app transfer functionality, which became possible due to Xigrom’s revolutionary Container ++ and Next Gen SDN technologies.

This is the next big thing in the IT industry that is overdue for a long time; no existing mobile platform offers what we do. We focus on real innovation while other players only focus on more pixels, higher resolutions and adding extra screens” says Ali Sadat, CEO, and founder of Xigrom.

So How Does It Really Work?

Xigrom’s Container++ makes applications portable, making them independent from the underlying operating system and to be dismounted from one device and sent across to the other device and to be mounted again. Next Gen SDN creates an on demand secure wireless channel between devices without any need for an active controller in the middle.

The specialty of Teleporting Apps is that it is not streaming or saving and reopening files, it is a true live-app transfer. It transfers the entire live-app from one device to the other while maintaining the status of the application during transfer. This way, users do not need to install apps on multiple devices or save, transfer and open files between devices and navigate to where they were before. Users do not experience any interruptions in their work after transfer and can immediately continue their work on the destination device from exactly where they left off.

Teleporting Apps can transfer apps via Wormhole Transfer, Dialer Transfer and Smartwatch Transfer.

Specifically, some of the key features of Teleporting Apps are:

•             Cloning Apps

•             Management Web Portal

•             Privacy and Data Security

•             Smart Files


                For Businesses:

•             Reduce cost by effective resource utilization

•             Better connectivity between work members

•             Easy presentation broadcasts; Business executives and owners can transmit their ideas and presentations to audiences by sending limited access apps to end users

•             Saved time by easy transfer or cloning of apps

•             Increased productivity via enhanced business processes

                For Individuals:

•             Convenient access to their work files from home to office

•             Easy sharing or transfer of apps from one place to another for entertainment and miscellaneous purposes

•             Gamers can enjoy continuous play by transferring gaming apps to devices with higher battery percentages, better CPU, etc.

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About Xigrom

Lead by a group of distinguished professionals and technology experts, Xigrom is a Melbourne, Australia, based brand new startup that strives to introduce real innovations in the industry. Its latest innovation is the Teleporting Apps technology that enables users to simply drag their Live-apps from one device and drop them to the other and continue work with no interruption.

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Company Name: Xigrom
Contact Person: Ali Sadat, CEO and Founder
Phone: (+61) 4 04 08 63 33
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia