High Quality Industrial Packing Solutions, courtesy Sarcina

Dealing with printed and unprinted duct tape, masking tape, double sided tape, bubble wraps, shrink film amongst others, Sarcina Industrial Packaging guarantees top notch packing solutions at affordable prices.

Industrial packing, may it be for finished products or raw material, is considered to be a delicate and tiresome job. Any error or dearth in quality often renders tons of material useless. Turkish company, Sarcina Industrial Packaging, provides it high end solutions to solve such problems. With an aim to bring innovation into the world of industrial packaging, Sarcina has completed over 200 projects by tying up with numerous companies in Turkey.

Among its list of products for packaging, are –

  • Bubble Wrap – Usually made of nylon material, the bubble wrap is placed around delicate objects to prevent damage during transport.
  • Stretch Film – Owing to the elasticity of the material used, this prevents air passing and quality deterioration of the packaged goods.
  • Shrink Film – Made of Polyolefin, Polyethylene and PVC, shrink films resist tearing and perforation of packed goods. This is used in packing products of any size and is economically viable for bulk packaging.
  • Duct Tape – Sarcina brings many types of these, including double sided tapes, foam tapes, masking tapes, natural rubber tapes, all to be implemented depending on the products.
  • Shipping Circles – Shipping Circles help in opening the package and are present in the form of connected strips. It helps fight deformation of the packaged product.
  • Corner Guards and Cardboard Boxes – Used for packing wooden furniture and food products, cardboard boxes offer a sturdy packing while corner guards minimize damage to the protective corners during shipping and transportation.

Sarcina Industrial Packaging believes in fast delivery being its top priority. The CEO, Mr. Murat Kurt says, “We can ship any packing product just within 24 hours to wherever you are. We provide high quality industrial packing solutions within affordable prices.” To know more about their products and services, visit – www.sarcina.com.tr.

About Sarcina Industrial Packaging –

Sarcina Industrial Packaging Company was founded in 2015 in Turkey, by Mr Murat Kurt, CEO. Its clients include companies like B M Cerceve, Bilintur, BKGÖzçe Ayakkab?, Yüksek Nakliyat, Mega Mekanik, Mete ?thalat, KYL Ticaret, Ufficia Büro Sist., Fereks Plastik etc. The company aims to provide new packing solutions and new technology packing machines in future.

Media Contact: Mr. Murat KURT
Contact Number: +90 533 210 10 75
Address City/State: Istanbul
Country: TURKEY
Website: www.sarcina.com.tr 

Media Contact
Company Name: Sarcina Industrial Packaging
Contact Person: Mr. Murat KURT
Email: info@sarcina.com.tr
Phone: +90 533 210 10 75
Country: Turkey
Website: www.sarcina.com.tr