‘Mad Corpse: I am not the hero’, a book by author F Lorenzo and edited by James Koyle, is now available on Kindle, the e-book reader

‘Mad Corpse: I am not the hero’, the book is categorized as action and adventure on the Kindle eBook store. It is based on an impulsive student Bernard Creed (nick named as B) and runs through a series of events where B is encircled into a reality which his rational beliefs had always opposed, set out on the quest to prove his best friend a superstitious believer, wrong. B accidently sets himself into the path of the myths and legends. Followed by a mysterious crow and dark liquid after reading a strange book, B suddenly finds himself in a brand new dangerous world where everything is set to kill him. Along the journey, he finds Mad Corpse who is also facing similar and is bound to the same fate. Guided by various characters of the plot gets out of harm’s way to continue the journey in the terror territory. With a number of twists and turn, the sensational story has become popular over the time and sales have increased on Amazon.The Kindle edition costs $3.29 and can be delivered through wireless delivery of Amazon

The options to make online payment are also available on the Amazon website directly through credit/ debit cards or net banking. The paperback edition is yet to be added to the Amazon website stock. Kindle store has enlisted Mad Corpse therefore, the users can order the book directly through registered Kindle E-reader.The book is currently sold by the seller Amazon Digital South Asia Services Inc.

The book consists of 238 pages with the word wise lookup option enabled so that the user will be able to access the meanings of hard to understand words easily. For now, Mad Corpse is available in English language only. Also for the visually impaired readers, the kindle edition of the book offers the option of text to speech, to be able to enjoy the story as well. Moreover, a huge credit goes to the author F Lorenzo and editor James Koyle, for writing such an exciting fable which leaves the reader on the edge of their seats most of the times, wanting for more. The story is enriched with thrill and gripping adventure leaving no boundaries to the human imagination uncovered and untouched. Interestingly such strong character is put in the story that the reader can relate to and put themselves in the character’s shoes.This kindle edition of the book is bound to impress the readers with apt plot of the story and prompt reader satisfaction to enhance the whole booking reading experience.

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