Pinnz, The New American Classic A Fashion Sneaker, A Modern Staple From a Timeless Era

Kansas City, MO, January 26— Pinnz, the new American Classic Fashion Sneaker and lifestyle brand, is live on Kickstarter, well on their way to a successful crowdfunding campaign.
“When you’re thinking about starting a company, what’s the perfect product?” asked Creative Director and Founder Patty Nast. “It’s two styles that haven’t changed in a hundred years, perfect for a 4 year-old girl, an 80 year-old man, and everybody in between.”

Pinnz Originals is exactly that: a simple idea in complicated times, a shoe that feels timeless and familiar even in today’s noisy fast fashion environment. The shoes are built both for comfort and style and are destined to be a sneaker staple in every wardrobe.

Pinnz, inspired by the 1950’s post-war era, resides in an unoccupied space in the fashion sneaker world. The shoes bear more than a striking resemblance to bowling shoes.

Fitting perhaps, as founder Patty Nast Canton is the daughter of the man who invented the first bowling shirt in 1946. Patty took that a step further when she founded Nat Nast Luxury Originals in 2000, turning the shirt from a sporting staple into an iconic global fashion brand, worn by Charlie Sheen, Matthew Perry, Larry David and James Gandolfini.

Pinnz are available in two styles: the classic recognizable low top and the patent pending convertible Droptop, created by Nast.

“It’s a natural. Pinnz two-tone sneakers are a natural fit for your favorite sports teams: for college, regional, and professional. Everyone is sure to find the right pair of shoes that match their personality and their favorite sports team,” says Nast.

Pinnz also introduces A Pair and A Spare.  When Pinnz conceived the concept of selling single shoes, the question arose: “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” Whether you wear that lucky left shoe to the game or simply “CELEBRATE DIFFERENT,” Pinnz is the first footwear brand to offer single shoes.

With a pay it forward and give back attitude, watch for the “Brother Can You Spare A Dime? Spare Change Can Make Change” campaign in 2016.

“People who wear pinnz #PWWP are becoming part of a tribe who celebrates different” says Nast.

A pair of low top Pinnz, a pre-retail price only, starts at a $50 on Kickstarter with high-top models and custom colored models available at an additional cost.

Pinnz on Kickstarter:

About Pinnz

Pinnz is an all new American Classic Fashion Sneaker seeking to revolutionize the industry with a shoe that takes its inspiration from the post war era 1950’s America. Residing between the basketball-inspired high-tops of the 1910s and the skater sneakers of 1970s, Pinnz, is a fashion sneaker that draws heavy inspiration from the bowling shoe. Fitting, perhaps, as Founder Patty Nast is the daughter of the inventor of the world’s first bowling shirt which arrived in 1946. Pinnz is set to launch its first collection in Spring 2016.

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