Home Fitness Intel Publishes Guide To Best Exercise Bikes Of 2016 For Fitness Fanatics and First Timers

HomeFitnessIntel.com has published a new guide to the best exercise bikes of 2016, shortlisting the best of the very latest releases so individuals can transform their fitness in the new year.

January is almost over, but thanks to the New Year, New Me trend, fitness gear has seen one of the busiest months of the year for product releases, hoping to entice people into more active lifestyles with the latest launches. Home Fitness Intel has created a comprehensive review of these items, and has now shortlisted the best exercise bikes of the year into a collection that is quick and easy to peruse and allowing people to select the best bike, to get 2016 off to the best start for fitness.

The new guide follows in the footsteps of their treadmill review (http://homefitnessintel.com/best-treadmill-reviews/), and includes a shortlist of the best-selling bike, the best bike for budget, and the best workout bike available. Each of the items includes a quote from a review that reflects the overall mood surrounding the item, a score out of five and the number of reviews that score has been averaged from, before exploring the unique features of the bikes themselves.

The editorial (http://homefitnessintel.com/best-exercise-bike-reviews/) then adds a third dimension by discussing the human factors that will affect individuals and their purchases, helping people to understand how each of the three may be better suited to their particular needs. 

A spokesperson for Home Fitness Intel explained, “January is always a hot time of year for exercise equipment and stationary exercise bikes are some of the most popular items in the world for helping people get their cardio done without having to face the worst of the elements during the winter months. That’s why we took a serious look into this product category at this time, to ensure people could get the best bike available for their needs and help kick start their 2016 fitness revolution. It’s been a tough process to parse through all the contenders, but the final three in our shortlist represent the best of the industry today, and will make a great purchase for all.”

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