ECU Files Now Offering Comprehensive Tuning Tools As Well As Their Popular File Service

ECU Files is now offering people the chance to define their own vehicle tuning by offering the same professional tools they use to their customers.

Car engines are as much computer as they are machine nowadays, and most of the mechanical elements are controlled by an ECU. This allows for an opportunity for car owners to customize the performance of their vehicle as never before, using tuning profiles for the ECU. ECU Files is a business that specializes in this practice on behalf of private clients, dealerships and businesses, and has now expanded their services to offer a broad suite of professional tools, helping individuals to take control of their tuning files for the first time and fine tune them to their own preferences.

ECU Files offers bespoke tuning files for a huge range of vehicles, all of which have been dynotested and comprise settings for many maps and limiters to ensure there are active workarounds of the increasingly complex computer systems contained in the vehicle’s engine. They use the very same tools to create these files that they are now offering to market.

As well as offering the tools themselves, ECU files has created a series of tutorials that will enable individuals to navigate the tools effectively, understand the fundamentals of what is being changed and what it will affect, and how these tools can be used to interact with files to change specific details according to what the client wants. 

A spokesperson for ECU Files explained, “It may seem counterintuitive to offer the same tools we use to our commercial clients, but the difference we make is in our experience. Individuals can use these tools together with our guides to be able to understand how to create tuning files and what they should be looking for, but these tools will be better used to make small preferential adjustments to existing, dynotested files than trying to create tuning files for scratch. As such, individuals can use the tools to augment the regular service we offer, rather than replace it.”

About ECU Files

ECU Files offers car and automobile tuning files for on-board computers to improve the performance of vehicles, overcome limiters and more. Their high quality, dynotested tuning files can be tailored to a multitude of different options enabling car owners to get the best performance possible from their vehicle, and enable businesses to offer tuning as an optional extra. Their website also comes with full guides and tutorials for installing the files. 

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