Forex Bonus 100 Exposes Alleged Ultimate4Trading Controversy With Help From Its Readers

Forex Bonus 100 has recently championed those looking to oust fraudsters from the broker business, helping readers join together to expose scammers Ultimate4Trading.

The forex market is the biggest in the world, and never closes, and thanks to binary options trading is also the most accessible market for individuals to begin trading on. This has made it a popular target for broker software providers to offer platforms, but unfortunately not all these are cut from the same reputable cloth., a site that regularly reviews forex brokers, broker bonuses and binary options robots recently became the #1 resource on the web for busting open a potential scam concerning Ultimate4Trading.

Regular readers who allege that they have been scammed by the Ultimate4Trading platform and associated broker EZTrader, started to flood the comments board on ForexBonus100 alleging a scam, with a broad range of these comments matching key details and corroborating one another’s claims.

Shortly thereafter, that page shot up in the search results and has inadvertently become the go-to repository on this breaking scandal. Trader after trader has shared their story on how they have been scammed by Ultimate4Trading.

In response to the overwhelming allegations, ForexBonus100 has also set its own team of investigators, who will begin reviewing other binary options trading robots like Dow Jones Focus Group and many more, to ensure the same doesn’t happen again.

A spokesperson for ForexBonus100 explained, “We have been taken aback by the overwhelming flood of attention this issue has received and we are looking to respond to this accordingly. Having quickly become an authority on the scandal and a place for people to share their stories, we are now creating a team that will investigate these claims on behalf of our members and look to expose the truth about these growing accusations. The presence of scammers in the forex market is nothing new – new traders are the easiest to fool – but the scale of this scam is definitely something new, and something we don’t want to see repeated.”

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