Achieve a Picture-Perfect Smile with Dental Implants from Dr. Pandhi

Are you suffering from tooth loss? The professionals at Smile Perfection want to help you get on the road to recovery with dental implants. Dental implants restore lost or damaged teeth using the latest and most effective technology. The leading treatment in cosmetic dentistry because they’re safe, durable, and aesthetically beautiful.
Is tooth loss affecting your self-confidence and oral health?

Are you tired of feeling insecure every time you smile? Addressing tooth loss as soon as possible is vital to minimizing the damage that can occur to your remaining teeth, underlying jawbone support and self-confidence. Fortunately, dental implants offer a natural-looking smile while addressing all of the potential problems that other restoration options ignore.

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, three million people already have dental implants and that number is continually growing by 500,000 per year. The popularity of dental implants has skyrocketed for individuals suffering from tooth loss, and for good reason. Scientific literature reports that the success rate of dental implants is as high as 98 percent. However, aspects including the current state of your oral health, jawbone density, and even the dental implant provider you choose can have an effect on the success of your implants. Dr. Sharad Pandhi of Smile Perfection in Tucson, AZ has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has helped him transform the smiles of countless patients in the area with the help of dental implants.

Top-Notch Dental Services with Dr. Pandhi

Dr. Pandhi received his education from the University of Bombay in his native home, India. Upon graduation, he moved to the U.S and began practicing dentistry Tucson, AZ where he has been providing high-quality dental services for more than 30 years. Although Dr. Pandhi has completed his formal education, he is dedicated to continually staying up-to-date on the latest techniques in the field of dentistry through continued education courses.

He also stays updated with the latest technology to provide the best service possible for his patients. His state-of-the-art facility creates a comfortable environment for patients while utilizing the highest quality products from the finest certified dental laboratories. Some of the dental technologies featured at Smile Perfection include Biolase laser, digital x-rays, iTero Digital Impressions, Galileo CT scan for 3D diagnosis, and more. Dr. Pandhi makes it a priority to have these technologies available so his patients to can enjoy high-quality, comfortable dental treatments.

Along with his dedication to patient comfort and happiness, Dr. Pandhi always makes it a point to make his services available for patients with specific needs. This can include nursing home patients, homebound patients, patients with special needs, and patients that could require general anesthesia. His dental facility even features a room that is specifically designed for patients that need accommodation for wheelchairs, bariatric chairs or stretchers. Dr. Pandhi is also one of the few dental professionals that will make dental house calls, which allows him to bring high-quality services to patients outside of the office. He decided to begin providing dental house calls after attending a fellowship program at the University of Washing for the treatment of medically compromised and disabled individuals back in 1990.

Choosing Dr. Pandhi for your Dental Implant Journey

With an extensive education in dentistry and a dedication to high-quality patient care, Dr. Pandhi is an excellent choice for patients in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas that are looking for a dental implant provider. Choosing the right dental implant provider is a key aspect of having a successful treatment. Factoring qualifications such as a doctor’s success rate, experience with dental implants, and philosophy toward treating patients’ cases are some questions you should consider before committing to an implant provider.

With more than three decades of experience in dentistry, Dr. Pandhi is a well-qualified dental implant provider that can ensure proper implant placement and long-lasting results. Through Dr. Pandhi’s years of experience, he knows that no two cases are alike and it’s important to treat cases on an individual basis. That is why each patient’s health history, state of oral health, and desired goal is taken into consideration when customizing a treatment plan. Tailoring treatment plans for each individual patient allows Dr. Pandhi to provide the best results possible for each patient’s specific case.

Dental Implant Process at Smile Perfection

So, what is the dental implant process like with Dr. Pandhi and his talented team at Smile Perfection? First, you’ll visit Dr. Pandhi for a consultation. At the consultation, Dr. Pandhi will see if dental implants are the best option for your case and determine if you’ll need additional treatments like bone grafting or soft tissue augmentation. Once you have sufficient bone density and gum tissue to support dental implants, Dr. Pandhi will place the artificial tooth root, which will then fuse to the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration. This healing process can range from a month to several months depending on the patient. After osseointegration has occurred, Dr. Pandhi will then place a fixture known as the abutment and then finish off your restoration with a natural-looking replacement tooth attached.

After your replacement tooth is attached, you can enjoy your new, complete smile. Make sure to continue to keep up with a regular oral hygiene routine for the longevity of your dental implant.

Contact Dr. Pandhi’s Office in Tucson, AZ

Interested in restoring your smile with dental implants? The dental implant process can initially seem overwhelming, but choosing the right dental implant provider can ease you through your restoration journey. To get started on your dental implant process, contact Smile Perfection today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Pandhi.

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