The Paw Spa’s Top 3 Reasons to Take Dogs to a Groomer in Westchester, NY

PLEASANTVILLE, NY – 03 Feb, 2016 – The number one reason pet owners give for grooming their dogs at home is cost. That’s not unexpected, since most services in Westchester, NY are pricey, including dog grooming. The second most popular reason for avoiding the groomers is time. People generally don’t have time to drop off their animal for the day or to wait at the groomers for their dog. And the third is the well being of their dog. Many dog owners have animals with personality quirks, anxieties or skin sensitivity. 

All of the above reasons for grooming your dog at home are understandable. Though there are affordable, local, convenient groomers in Westchester County that are also very sensitive to dogs’ needs and well being. The Paw Spa in Thornwood is one of those dog grooming businesses. They opened their doors for the explicit purpose of offering reasonable grooming services a short drive from Pleasantville, Valhalla, Thornwood, Chappaqua, Armonk and Hawthorne

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Groomer


Any dog owner has experienced the mess of grooming at home.  Fur gets everywhere, doing its best to clog whatever drain has the misfortune of being nearby.  Using the tub at home can work, but the clean up necessary to remove the fur and shampoo residue isn’t worth it.

The self-washes at The Paw Spa, for instance, ARE custom designed and built for convenience, efficiency and comfort. At the groomers, the baths and hand sprays used to wash customers’ dogs are built for one purpose: to clean very furry, sometimes large creatures on a daily basis. The best part? No clean up at home. 


Without sounding critical, most dog owners don’t know the correct way to groom their dog. Why? They haven’t been trained, certified and licensed to do it professionally.

 Groomers are taught the correct angles, positions and techniques to ensure an efficient, effective, comfortable experience for your dog. Also, groomers are not nervous or anxious when taking care of your dog, and the dogs pick up on the calm vibes. The same holds for shampoos, haircuts, trims, anti-itch baths and all grooming services. The dog stays calm and the customer stays dry. It’s the training and experience.


Of all the reasons to bring dogs to a groomer, this is the most important. A dog’s health is most important when it comes to drying after a bath or shampoo. Most homeowners towel-dry their dogs after baths. But there a is reason groomers like The Paw Spa use high velocity, forced air dryers with no heating coil. These dryers allow the groomer to safely see the skin and ensure it is dry. When towel-drying at home, moisture can accidentally be allowed to stagnate on the skin.  When the skin isn’t completely dry, there is always a small chance that bacteria and other microbes can grow, creating the chance for infection. 

When considering the benefits and the negatives of bringing dogs to a groomer, many people overlook that it is better for the overall health of the dog. And the dog’s experience is better, due to the training and knowledge of a good, caring groomer like The Paw Spa. 

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