Celebrity Stylist Rochelle Chappelle Opens 2nd Healthy Hair Bar Location Launching California Flow Products that Heal the Hair & Scalp

1st 100 Guests Receive Complimentary Massages, Swag Bags and Seminars Taught by Renown Dr. Lamar Price, N.D. Certified Iridologist, Naturopathic & Nutritionist and Joanne Washington, Hair Restoration Specialist, Hair Loss Consultant and Educator

MONROVIA, CA – 03 Feb, 2016 – Do you have issues with your hair falling out or baldness?  How about flakey scalps?  Do you wear weaves so much that your own hair is dry and brittle?  Have you thought about eliminating chemical relaxers to go all natural?   Well the time is now!

On February 6, 2016, you will have the opportunity to meet Celebrity Hair Stylist to the Stars and Hair and Scalp Specialist Rochelle Chappelle at her 2nd Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon’s new location in Monrovia, CA.  In addition, Chappelle will have her California Flow products available to sample.

Stylist to the stars such as Juju Chang, Diane Sawyer, Bianca from Toddlers and TiarasRachel Smith; to name a few; Chappelle has created the sought after California FlowCalifornia Flow is an all-natural hair line that have many boasting about their before and after effects. California Flow is chemical free, and promises to heal those that use relaxers, harsh chemical products, have split ends and unhealthy dry hair or itchy scalps and mostly is known to help those that have hair thinning to regain healthy hair growth.

California Flow promises to create soft shiny hair or smooth bouncy curls. In addition, hair becomes manageable, tangle free, shiny and best of all will smell great!

Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon grand opening will give attendees both hair professionals or those that demand healthy gorgeous hair, an educational experience.  The 1st 100 will be pampered with mini-massages, swag bags, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.  In addition, there are 2 scheduled seminars:  LEARNING YOUR HEALTH THROUGH YOUR EYES taught by Renown Dr. Lamar Price, N.D. Certified Iridologist, Naturopathic & Nutritionist.  Dr. Price will give an iris reading and talk about health issues he sees by looking at your iris. The second seminar is THE HEALTH OF THE SCALP taught by Joanne Washington, Hair Restoration Specialist, Hair Loss Consultant and Educator.  Washington will talk about maintaining a healthy scalp in order to grow strong, unbreakable hair, various fungus and how weaves and perms can cause issues for both your hair and your scalp.

Under the direction of “Healthy Hair” expert Rochelle Chappelle, all guests will experience the warmth and sophistications of the sister salon in Monrovia.  The original Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon opened in 2010, located at 260 W. Bonita Ave Claremont, CA and is the flagship where everything began. Due to the overwhelming demand of those seeking healthy, no chemical solutions and the rapid increase sales of California Flow, Chappelle began seeking another location, thus Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon #2 was born.

Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon and California Flow is great for the entire family:  men, women and children.  Chappelle’s trained specialist team are qualified to manage any type of hair condition.

The schedule of the day:

4pm-5pm:  talent/celebrities/media only

5pm-9pm:  general grand opening

4pm-8pm:  mini massages/hands and feet

6pm:  Seminar 1 – Learning Your Health Through Your Eyes

7pm:  Seminar 2 – The Health of the Scalp

All attendees must RSVP:

General RSVP:  please send name of each person to: http://bit.ly/HealthyHairBar2GrandOpening

Celebs/Talent:  please send info to:  TALENT@KRPRMEDIA.COM

Media:  to attend, feature, interview; send requests to:  MEDIA@KRPRMEDIA.COM


Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon Grand Opening of 2nd Location AND California Flow Products Launch

*1st 100 guests receive: massages, entrance to 2 seminars, swag bags & more


Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Media/Talent   4-5pm

General Guests 5pm-9pm

WHERE:         147 E. Foothill Blvd Monrovia, Ca 91016

WEBSITE:    http://bit.ly/HealthyHairBar  

About Rochelle Chappelle

Rochelle Chappelle is a forward thinking stylist who is always one step ahead of the trends. She has created a vision of a place where people can come let their hair down, experience a healthy spa experience, and leave uplifted. The cradle of that vision is the Healthy Hair Bar.

Located in the affluent Southern California village of Claremont, The Healthy Hair Bar is the physical manifestation of the fulfilled dreams of many generations of women in Rochelle’s family. Taught by her mother from a young age to be self-reliant, skilled, and strong, Rochelle followed in her mother’s footsteps to become one of the most sought-after hair artists in the industry.

Capitalizing on her success as an artist, she established her own salon called Rochelle’s House of Beauty based out of Atlanta, GA in 2003. There, Rochelle worked tirelessly at mastering her craft. Over time, Rochelle garnered a large harem of loyal clients until her salon suddenly burned to the ground. She lost everything that she had worked so hard for in that blaze, but the loss only made her more determined. Devastated, Rochelle moved back home to California and out of the ashes arose The Healthy Hair Bar.

Her unique vision is to share her passion for hair care with her clients. She stands out from other stylists because she does not damage her clients’ hair in the beautification process. She uses gentle and nourishing products and teaches them to love and care for their own hair, nails, and skin. Her skilled hands have even brought back the hair of women with balding scalps damaged from the effects of harsh chemicals. Thus inspired, she developed her own line of mineral-based and Certified Organic products that have already made an impact in the lives of women all over Southern California and beyond. Rochelle makes the world a more beautiful place by making people feel and look more beautiful. It is an infectious and highly profitable concept.

In 2008, Rochelle’s mother was diagnosed with cancer due to being exposed to years of sulfuric acid, lye, formaldehyde and other preservatives, parabens, and a whole host of toxic carcinogenic compounds. The news of the diagnosis sent a shockwave through the family. Rochelle’s way of dealing with pain is to take action. So, she did by raising money for the Walk for the Cure. In addition, Rochelle began to give free wigs and hair pieces and deeply discounted hair restoration services to cancer survivors. It’s amazing witnessing the joy of a woman who looks at herself in the mirror for the first time after surviving a near-death experience. It puts things into perspective.

Healthy Hair Bar is not just a business. It’s a prescription for a life well-lived. Conceived in the mind of someone who is statistically not supposed to make it, it is a success story that deserves promotion. Developed symbiotically from pain and passion, Rochelle has ushered in a movement that will be a major game-changer in the lives of millions of women, men, and children young and old. As an economic boost to a neglected demographic, The Healthy Hair Bar represents opportunity for all involved.  

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