Atlanta Physician Provides Novel Cancer Testing

ATLANTA, GA – 03 Feb, 2016 – Jonathan Stegall, MD, a nationally known cancer expert and president of The Center for Advanced Medicine, is pleased to offer an exciting laboratory test which identifies the unique characteristics of each patient’s cancer cells. With this specific knowledge, Dr. Stegall and his team develop a personalized treatment approach using a combination of modern medicine and alternative medicine – known as integrative medicine.

The hallmark of cancer cells is their ability to grow and spread without restriction. Conventional cancer treatment attempts to attack the cancerous cells with high doses of chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, these treatments carry with them significant side effects and are frequently unsuccessful in targeting the cancer itself. In contrast, Dr. Stegall is able to better identify the details of each patient’s cancer and thus provide treatments that are both effective and well tolerated.

“This novel approach has the potential to change the way we view cancer treatment,” said Dr. Stegall. “Patients today desire a truly integrative approach which combines modern medicine with the best natural therapies. This test allows us to utilize both, in a way which is personalized to each unique case.”

Dr. Stegall’s protocols include targeted chemotherapy as well as effective natural treatments such as intravenous vitamins, physician-grade supplements, and his cancer nutrition plan. This multi-pronged approach, Dr. Stegall feels, is essential for attacking cancer cells from various angles while also protecting the patient’s healthy cells and strengthening the immune system.

The Center for Advanced Medicine is a nationally recognized medical practice specializing in integrative cancer treatment. This integrative approach combines the best aspects of modern medicine with the most effective natural therapies. This safe and effective form of medicine is personalized to each patient’s unique needs.

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