Kickstarter Project Creates Wool Coat Designed To Last A Lifetime

03 Feb, 2016 – Inspired by the plaid wool coats of the early 20th century, San Francisco based Crafted Wool Co. has set out to recreate that robust old-world build quality with an updated fit and sustainable materials. Their “Lifetime Wool Coat” may look familiar, but it was built with insane durability and quality, and modern fit in mind. After all, it was designed to truly last a lifetime.

The fully custom, USA made coats feature a premium 18 oz American-made wool blend and are stitched together with thread found in outdoor tents and thick leather apparel. Several areas of the coat feature two rows of stitching to increase strength even further. A Crafted spokesman said “All the materials used in the coat have a purpose and were chosen for a reason.” 

Even the buttons have a story of their own. After testing several buttons, Crafted decided to go with Central American sourced Tagua Palm sourced vegetable ivory. In addition to being natural, sustainable and highly aesthetic, the buttons are incredibly hard and durable. In fact, they score a 3 on the mineral scale, meaning they are even harder than traditional copper buttons and certain other metals. The material earns the name “Vegetable Ivory” due to their resemblance to elephant ivory after being processed to decorative items. Crafted is excited to promote a material that has the potential to directly help the decreasing of elephant poaching. 

Crafted Wool Co. sees the coats as something that can be worn everyday and in any season. With a fully breathable fabric and other comfort factors, such temperature regulation and UV protection, the coats keep you as comfortable in the winter as they do in the summer sun. Crafted’s philosophy of sustainability goes further with a recommended wash only once every several months. This is possible due to the odor resistant and antimicrobial properties of the wool, meaning the jackets are great for travel, backpacking and general work as a utility coat. 

Crafted hand-stamps an individual serial number on each coat, so owners will be able to find out on what date their coat was made. A fun extra which furthers Crafted’s confidence in lifelong wearability. The best part to many is the price. With USA made wool coats easily reaching into the several hundred dollars, Crafted Wool Co. is selling their coats, with a choice of 3 colors at the blowout promotional price of $99 on Kickstarter. Furthermore, the first 300 buyers receive a free 10” x 55 1/2” scarf. They are currently being offered at enormous savings over retail.

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