Ebb and Flow – The Tides of Greece Launches on Kickstarter

Skopelos, Greece – On January 20, 2016, Jill Somer launched a Kickstarter Campaign for the Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY), a film festival for the children of Greece, in order to give them an additional educational opportunity in a time of deep crisis. 

This is the sixth year that the festival is in operation. Films have been screened in China, England, S. Korea, Spain and prominent festivals in the United States and have won several awards. Greek children have traveled to S. Korea, Spain and the United States to participate in the festivals. 

Each year the festival covers different topics pertaining to Greece. This year we will be covering the sea and how vital it has been to the economics of Skopelos. It is an important topic because currently so many Greeks have immigrated to other countries due to the crisis.

How it works is simple- Ten or more filmmakers are invited to work with approximately 60 children (6 – 8 children per filmmaker) for five days to create short films from start to finish. The films are then screened at the Orpheus Cinema in downtown Skopelos to an audience of about 600 people. Afterwards the films are sent to festivals throughout the world.

Jill Somer, an American who has lived in Skopelos for 15 years and was married to a Greek man who suddenly passed away less than two years ago, and has a nine year old child Zoe, is also the Associate Director of The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts www.skopartfoundation.org

The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) and the Board of Directors feel very strongly that the Foundation does what it can to support the local community.

The more money the festival can raise, the more filmmakers they can invite which means more children can participate. In 2015, eighty children participated and they created 12 films. The budget was close to $10,000 which paid for the filmmakers travel from Athens to Skopelos, housing, food and a tour of the island. 

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter Page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/siffy/ebb-and-flow-the-tides-of-greece or contact the creator below.

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