Mixed News on the Horizon for Coaches and Consultants in 2016

Coaching and Consulting Businesses Continue Rapid Growth Trajectory, But Most will Fail in their First Year Because of Missing Systems

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA – 03 Feb, 2016 – No one disputes millenials and corporate dropouts are entering the fields of coaching and consulting at record rates. But weak marketing, lead generation, sales conversion, and retention systems will cause 50% – 75% to fail the first year, and up to 87% will give up entirely. Fortunately, its easy to learn and implement three proven business systems, outlined in new report offered by Glen Kowalski (http://www.glenkowalski.com), which will create huge opportunities for entrepreneurs who embrace them.

“Most coaches and consultants focus exclusively on providing good service to their clients. But in today’s business environment, that isn’t enough. Business who fail to systemize and automate their marketing are begging for a catastrophe,” says Glen Kowalski, Head Digital Strategist at Glen Kowalski Marketing Consulting.

The dream of owning their own business is luring more and more frustrated workers away from traditional corporate careers and headlong into the path of solopreneurship. But this bootstrapped approach often means time is stretched thin between marketing and delivering services.

This discrepancy causes up to 75% of coaching businesses to fail in the first year, and most to close their doors within five. These are sobering statistics for a business model growing at such an unprecedented rate.

Unless systems are put in place to bring in a supply of new leads, convert those leads into sales, and retain customers for the long haul, the business will fail. Regardless of how hard the business owner works on the business.

However, with automatic marketing systems in place, coaches and consultants can almost assure their future success because:

• They’ll have a steady stream of leads showing up interested in the services.
• A higher rate of leads will convert into buying customers.
• Customers will be happier, stay longer, buy more often, and refer their friends and colleagues.
• Systems can be measured and improved over time increasing in value the longer they’re implemented.

Fortunately, systemization doesn’t have to be difficult. According to Mr. Kowalski, “You no longer need to reinvent the wheel when creating new systems. There are proven processes working across service industries that can be duplicated. Even better, most of these systems are automatable, saving more time and generating greater revenues.”

To further discuss how to apply automatic revenue systems to coaching and consulting businesses, contact Glen Kowalski at 1-305-515-6218 or visit http://www.glenkowalski.com

About Glen Kowalski Marketing Consulting

Glen Kowalski helps coaches, consultants, real estate professionals, and other service providers create automatic revenue streams for their businesses. Using expert platforms, automated marketing systems, and online courses, his goal is to guarantee his clients become part of the 13% of providers who succeed for the long haul.

You can learn more about the three systems a business needs to succeed at http://www.glenkowalski.com/pages/3-systems

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