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03 Feb, 2016 – The NYC Tea & Trading Company announces two new loose leaf teas: Brooklyn Breakfast and Chelsea Chai. The teas are currently available for sale on Amazon.com

“We’re very excited to launch our line of loose tea,” says Tracey Ceurvels, CEO, The NYC Tea & Trading Company. “We started with a breakfast tea and a chai, because those are two of my favorite teas – as well as favorites among tea drinkers.” A blend of 100% organic black tea leaf tea leaves from single estates in Nepal and India, Brooklyn Breakfast makes a smooth, invigorating and robust cup of tea. Chelsea Chai is a blend of organic tea leaves from India that’s combined with organic cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black pepper and ginger.

Tea drinkers who like caffeinated black tea will appreciate that the tea leaves in both the Brooklyn Breakfast and the Chelsea Chai are organic. The tins come in 4 ounce portions, which makes about 50 cups of tea. “Loose tea leaves are an economical – and enjoyable – way to make a cup of tea,” she says. “You can serve both the Brooklyn Breakfast and the Chelsea Chai warm, hot, alone or with milk – and with whatever sweetener you like.”

Brooklyn Breakfast tea is akin to an English Breakfast tea “yet is named after New York City’s buzz-worthy borough – Brooklyn,” says Ceurvels. “Our tea company was founded in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and we felt that Brooklyn is worthy of its own special tea,” she says. “The Chelsea Chai makes a vibrant cup, and it’s  an ode to a vibrant NYC neighborhood: Chelsea.

The design of the Brooklyn Breakfast tea lable was created as an ode to tea drinkers from the past, men and women who walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to work. “It’s a special blend of black tea leaves and we hope customers, whether they live in NYC or not, will enjoy this flavorful tea,” says Ceurvels. The Highline, one of New York City’s most unique parks, appears on the Chelsea Chai label. “We wanted to create elegant yet whimsical designs for our tea.”

Both teas are available on Amazon.com

Brooklyn Breakfast http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AIJSPGI
Chelsea Chai http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AHALMCC

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