Best Tiny House Builders Reveals New Information on Why People Love Tiny Houses

Individuals living in tiny houses tend to have no mortgage and more money in their savings account than the average American, reports

According to, 68 percent of individuals who own a tiny home carry no mortgage on their residence, while only 29 percent of homeowners with a traditional dwelling may say the same. As a result, 55 percent of tiny homeowners have more money in savings than the average American, with the median amount reported as $10,972. For these and numerous other reasons, many are now looking into purchasing a home of this type, and Best Tiny House Builders ( can be of assistance with this.

“Credit problems continue to plague many Americans. Some find these problems come about as a result of their spending, yet others struggle with credit and money issues as the result of medical bills, unemployment and other factors beyond their control. Regardless of why a person is thinking of buying or building a tiny home, there is a residence perfect for their needs and we help them find this home,” Josh, spokesperson for Best Tiny House Builders (, announces.

Quite a few individuals mistakenly assume tiny homes are intended for those who are just starting out on their own or those who children have grown and gone and they now wish to downsize. This isn’t necessarily the case. Individuals who own a tiny home are twice as likely to possess a master’s degree, and almost 90 percent have less credit card debt than the average person in America. In fact, 65 percent of tiny homeowners have no credit card debt at all.

“Family size continues to decrease, yet the size of the average home has only gone up. In 1948, the average family consisted of 3.67 people, yet this figure dropped to 2.55 in 2012. In contrast, as reports, the average home in 1973 was 1,525 square feet, but it was 2,598 square feet in 2013. Many people are learning they do not need this much space and are opting to make the move to a tiny home,” Josh explains.

Individuals find there are numerous advantages associated with owning a tiny home. First and foremost, the person’s impact on the environment is reduced, and their energy bills decrease, as they are heating, cooling and illuminating a much smaller area. The home costs significantly less, allowing them to save money, and these are only are few of the many benefits.

“If you have been thinking about building or buying a tiny house, be sure to visit for tiny house plan reviews. You’ll love what you find on the site and one of the plans is sure to be right for you. Contact us today or visit the site to begin the process of finding your new home,” Josh recommends.

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