Copper Joint Announces Special New Discount for Email List Subscribers

New offer entitles subscribers to 15% discount on company’s unique, patented, copper-enhanced compression sleeves, Copper Joint reports.

Copper Joint, the maker of a unique line of copper-infused nylon compression sleeves, announced a special new offer. Starting now and for a limited time, those who sign up for the Copper Joint mailing list at the company’s website will receive a coupon good for a discount of 15% off the next order. With a patented, exclusive technology that bonds copper ions to nylon at the molecular level, Copper Joint produces a range of compression sleeves that promote recovery from injury and aim at easing joint pain, stiffness, and discomfort.

“We’re happy to announce the availability of a special new offer,” Copper Joint co-founder Jon Deal said, “With so many people becoming interested in the antimicrobial and healing powers of copper, our compression sleeves are a great option for everyone from the most active of athletes to those suffering from arthritis. Thanks to our new special offer, our unique, patented products are now available at a significant discount, making them as affordable as they are effective.”

With its distinctive reddish appearance, the metal copper is probably best known for its uses in wiring and other electrical applications where its conductivity is prized. Copper is actually one of the most essential of all metals for life of every kind, though, with organisms from humans on down to single-celled creatures relying on it in their enzymes, pigments, and other crucial biological components.

When found in sufficiently high concentrations, copper is also one of the most powerful of natural antimicrobial agents, killing often-unwanted cultures of bacteria and preventing them from taking root. Copper has also long been thought by many to provide relief from the symptoms of joint problems like arthritis, whether through its purported ability to stimulate circulation and oxygen delivery or other proposed mechanisms entirely.

Even while copper would therefore seem to have a lot to offer, taking advantage of its various strengths has not always been easy. Copper Joint was founded to provide practical, effective ways for athletes and others to leverage the power of copper, as with the company’s popular line of copper-impregnated compression sleeves.

A patented process exclusive to Copper Joint is used to bind individual, organic copper ions to nylon, weaving the metal into the fabric at a deep, integral level. The compression sleeves produced from this material exhibit powerful antimicrobial properties, staying clear of unpleasant odors and potentially harmful accumulations of bacteria even when worn by the most active of users.

Wearers of Copper Joint compression sleeves thereby also gain access to the many other potential benefits of the metal, from improved circulation and joint condition to faster recovery from skin illnesses. Copper Joint 4-way compression sleeves are engineered to provide uncompromising, itch- and latex-free performance, along with UPF 50+ sun protection, making them versatile and perfect for a wide range of users. For a limited time, visitors to the Copper Joint website can secure their own 15% off coupons simply by signing up for the company’s low-volume email list.

About Copper Joint:

With a unique, patented process that bonds copper ions to nylon at the molecular level, Copper Joint produces a line of high-performance compression sleeves that are perfect for everyone from competitive athletes to those suffering from arthritis and other joint problems. 

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