Dark Soul: The World’s First Mechanical Tourbillon Watch Funded Within 4 Hours

Vancouver, CA – On February 1 2016, PhantomsLab launched a Kickstarter campaign for Dark Soul, a mechanical watch with an authentic tourbillon that is stylish, affordable and mesmerizing to look at.

“We create watches to remind people about the art of watchmaking,” says Keith L., Founder of Phantoms Tourbillon, “The first Phantoms Tourbillon watch, Dark Soul, is a mechanical watch that consists of more than 180 pieces of individual manually assembled components.”

For the past two years, PhantomsLab has been researching and developing Dark Soul’s customized movement. They have gone through the development of multiple designs and styles to match the current luxury watches market for young adults, with inspiration coming from streamlined, aerodynamic water crafts and speedboats. Starting from a simple sketch, turning this accessory into a masterpiece took countless hours of hard work injecting “soul” into the watch until the last screw was assembled.

PhantomsLab has partnered up with top-notch watchmakers who have produced watches for luxury brands for over 50 years. Mechanical watches have a complicated manufacturing process, and a mechanical watch with a tourbillon is even more complex. Creating the mechanical movement of the watch takes an immeasurable amount of time, and requires putting hundred pieces together with strict quality control and cutting-edge competence. 

“It is all about creating a piece of jewelry for men to show class and style,” explains Felix L., Co-founder of Phantoms Tourbillon, “Like all of us, the Phantoms Dark Soul is one of a kind and absolutely unique. Unlike the mass produced watches that you find in every other store, only 100 of this design will ever be made.” 

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including insider updates for $14 CAD, a high resolution poster for $24 CAD or one Phantoms Dark Soul Tourbillion Mechanical Watch for as little as $1,500 CAD for super early bird backers. Backers can also pledge $2,600 CAD for one Collector’s Edition Dark Soul watch (featuring your favorite number ranging from 00 to 99), and more.  

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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