Immortal Lovers The Ultimate Sacrifice: A Novel, now available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles worldwide, for readers

Immortal Lovers The Ultimate Sacrifice is a paranormal romantic thriller. It is based on a female protagonist character name Essence McCarthy, a curious young woman who gets surprised by a lawyer with a locket initialed “IC” from her dead mother along with an inheritance of wealth.

Before her 21st birthday, a letter arrives which guides her to go to New Orleans. With the advent of time, Essence gets absorbed by series of events leading from one to another to find answers pointing to the past, that she yet doesn’t understand.

As Essence sets out to unravel the mystery of the past set in New Orleans. Strange things start happening to her as she starts developing powerful abilities, she is lost between the reality and delusions she uncovers more and more. Warned by her aunt but lead by curiosity she also discovers her family lineage includes vampires and a curse placed upon the family by a wicked sorceress from long ago. The journey takes her through a perilous ride filled with love, passion, surprises and thrills as more secrets unfold in New Orleans.

This attention-grabbing novel is written by author Andrea D Collins from Allendale, South Carolina where she is currently writing her next book.  Passionate writer Andrea has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management from Voorhees College and also holds a Master’s degree from Lesley University in Education Technology.

The Novel was released on 25th Jan 2016 through the publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and is available in a paperback edition and eBook on Amazon. You also can purchase the book at Barnes & Noble’s website. You can look up the Immortal Lovers The Ultimate Sacrifice: A Novel on Amazon under the romance and paranormal categories. The new paperback edition of the novel is available for pocket-friendly prices of $11.29 and has only 7 new copies left on Amazon and one old copy available for $44.3 only. For free shipping, you can order anything above $35. With a page turner mystery, the attention grabbing novel is a good read and can also be picked as a good gifting option. For quick and timely delivery, readers can also order the book with Amazon Prime with free two-day shipping and one-day shipping options.

The book consists of compelling 348 pages of storyline and is available in English language only, weighs 1.3 pounds. However, in eBook, it is available in several languages.

So far the book has grabbed the attention of quite a number of readers and is selling up fast, like hot cakes due to the catchy plot.  Once the reader starts the book, they become so intrigued by the story that it is difficult to put the book down unless you complete reading till the last page. Author Andrea D. Collins has certainly provided another gift on the table which leaves its essence on readers for long.

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