Elite Universities Has Dramatic Results Doing Live Plant Experiments

“Tennessee Nursery located in the heart of the nursery capitol near Mcminnville Tennessee is an industry leader in providing universities, governmental programs and research labs with free plants for their labs, experiments and growing exchange programs. D”
Elite universities like Cambridge, Vanderbilt and Harvard are using plants in their biology and science labs to show how important plant growth is to everyone on our planet. From greywater usage to growing plants on the planet Mars, plant life is just as important of an aspect on Earth as sustainable energy is.

Harvard University Plant Science is using pitcher plants to provide a tipping point

Most of us want to swim in a lake where we can see our toes. Clear, oxygen-rich water supports not only human swimmers, but also intricate webs of animal and microbial life. That life can be disrupted when too many nutrients – from fertilizers, pollution, and other factors – overload the system. In those cases, aquatic ecosystems can cross a tipping point: the nutrients cause algae to bloom, and the extra bacteria eating the extra algae use up all the oxygen in the water. The end result is a murky, green lake that is difficult to restore, despite herculean interventions.

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NASA is Growing Plants On Mars

Plants in space are plants grown in outer space typically in weightless but in pressurized controlled environment in specific space gardens. In the context of human spaceflight, they can be used for food and/or refreshing the atmosphere. Plants can scrub carbon dioxide and return oxygen, as well as adjust humidity. Growing plants in space may provide a psychological benefit to human spaceflight crews. Most obvious study aspect is how plants grow without gravity. Other aspects include type of lighting. NASA plans to grow plants in space to help feed astronuats, in support of pioneering space.

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Vanderbilt Is Using Greywater Recycling For Plant Production

Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee is using a greywater recycling unit built for the course EES390 Sustainability Science taught by Professor John Ayers at Vanderbilt University. Dirty water from a dishwasher enters a tub filled with gravel and plants. Bacteria break down foodstuffs and the water provides nutrients to the wetland plants. Clean water exiting the tub can be used for watering gardens. 

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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is proud to annouce that not only do they supply these plants free for experimental usage but they also ship them at their cost. This nursery is located in the heart of the nursery capitol near Mcminnville Tennessee. The USDA certified plant nursery also is licensed to ship their plants grown in their family owned and operated 3400 acres to all states as well as 13 foreign countires.

For 58 years and three generations, this nursery has stood the test of time. It ships not only to wholesale disctibutors but in 2012 due to overwhelming requests, they broadened their selling range from strickly wholesale but selling smaller quantities to home owners. Now, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery sells to over 60,000 home owners in the USA and growing.

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