Payment Point Online Bukopin Launches PLN Service Point Service

Payment Point Online Bukopin Launches PLN Service Point Service, Enjoy the offered services at your own convenience. Pay your electricity bills online, View your latest and past billing information, and Track your monthly electricity consumption.

Surabaya – February 5th, 2016 – Since it’s establishment on 10 July 1970 Bank Bukopin has been focusing on the UMKMK segment, and has currently grown and developed into a category of a medium bank in Indonesia from the assets point of view. In line with the opening of opportunities and improvement in the capacity to serve even wider public needs, Bank Bukopin has developed its business in t he commercial and consumer segments.

Bank Bukopin can serve purchase of token, which can be done through: Teller, ATM, and SMS, Swamitra as well as Payment Point Online Bank / PPOB (over than 5,000 partners of Bank Bukopin throughout Indonesia).

Prepaid Electricity is a service from PLN for its customers in managing use of electricity through Meter Elektronik Prabayar – Prepaid Electronic Meter (MPB).

This service has the following advantages and benefits:

• Customers are able to control their use of electricity
 It can be tailored to your capability
 There is no sanction for delay and cut-off
 Installment without security deposit from customers
 Connection fee:
          450-2200 VA: Rp.1,500,000
          2200-3500 VA: Rp.2,000,000
 Quick connection
 Avoidance of error in meter recording
 Customers can buy token easily
 This constitutes the right way to use electricity efficiently.

The following is the process of installment of new Prepaid:

1. Candidate customer conducts registration, submitting KTP and sketch of location
2. PLN Officer is to survey the location
3. Issuance of letter of approval
4. Customer to submit Operation Worthy Certificate (Sertifikat Laik Operasi – SLO)
5. Candidate customer to pay for connection cost and initial token
6. Candidate customer to sign electricity power sale and purchase agreement
7. PLN Officer is to make connection – instantly turned on.

If you are Postpaid PLN Customer, it can be transferred to Prepaid through the following process:

1. Candidate customer conducts registration, submitting KTP and sketch of location
2. PLN Officer is to survey the location
3. customer to pay for connection cost and initial token
4. Candidate customer to sign electricity power sale and purchase agreement
5. Officer is to make connection.

* Process can also be done for changing rate/voltage.

You certainly have a question on how to know that your token amount is about to run out on a kWh meter? It is easy, it is when the indicator on the kwh value is below 20 kwh. In the event of such condition, you have to prepare new token number (reload).

Token is 20 digit unique number which contains information to be inputted to kWh meter. Purchase of token can be made in PLN Outlets and Offices of Bank Bukopin as well as Bank Bukopin Partner (PPOB, Swamitra) by submitting the meter serial number (11 digits).

As long as the customer uses electricity, customer can control use of electricity and reload according to his capability with token value ranging from Rp.20,000 to Rp.1,000,000 (including administration fee, kWh, PPJ, VAT and revenue stamp). And the token has no expiry date if it has not been inputted/registered/used

How to reload token to kWh meter:

 Input 20 digit token number through keypad on Prepaid meter
 Token number shall be displayed by the meter
 Meter shall check the token inputted
 If token number is valid, kWh meter shall show the value of kWh purchased.
 After a moment, it will display total credit and voltage connected and electricity is ready to use.

If you experience problems when reloading token (value of kWh does not show on the indicator) you can check whether the meter number stated on the receipt/display is in accordance with the number of your meter at home. If it is the same, you may contact: Telephone number 123, SMS 0811-2233123 to submit your complaints.

With Prepaid Electricity, you can be more efficient than when you use Postpaid Electricity. And the control over the use of electricity is in your hands.

About Bank Bukopin

PPOB Bukopin – With a capital structure that grows increasingly stronger as results of execution of the Initial Public Offering in July 2006, Bank Bukopin continues to develop its operational programs by applying priority scales in accordance with the properly structured short-term strategy. The application of such strategy is in order to guarantee the fulfillment of comprehensive banking services to customers through networks connected both nationally as well as internationally, various products as well as a high standard of quality services.

The overall activities and programs undertaken in the end culminates with the goal towards creation of an image of Bank Bukopin as a trusted banking institution with a financial structure that is solid, sound and efficient. The success in building such trust shall enable Bank Bukopin to continue to grow and provide the best results in a sustainable manner.

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