Airpool has achieved very good results after entering the Chinese market

In recent years, air pollution of China is very common, especially in the northern Chinese city; the air pollution is more serious. The pollution mainly comes from PM2.5, at the end of 2015, Beijing issued a red warning of air for the first time, and Chinese pay more and more attention to the effect on health of air pollution.

The sales volume of air purifiers in China remains great growth, the annual growth is about 30%, in the end of 2015. During the period of severe haze, a lot of air purifiers manufacturers appear the situation that the goods were out of stock, the Japanese brands such as Panasonic, sharp, Daikin and other brands occupied a large domestic market, and also the BLUEAIR purifier of Sweden occupied the high-end market of China. However, the home purifier brand of United States has average performance in China, and sales are average.

And the Airpool commercial air purifier achieved good performance in China’s commercial market. The corporate headquarter of Air pool is in Dallas, Texas, which mainly produce the commercial air purifier to use in commercial buildings, such as offices, hotels, shopping malls, schools and other places, and these spaces are the places that the household cleaner can not really meet. Airpool entered into China in 2013, and in 2014,set up factories in Shanghai. The product is sold to all over the China, and the sales in 2015 made good results and breakthroughs, such as Microsoft building in Beijing, Danaher building in Shanghai, Hilton Hotel in Shanghai, Gymboree in China and other office buildings of American famous enterprises in China, and also there are enterprises and institutions of China, such as, Chinese medicine port building in Beijing, the National Meteorological Bureau, National Quality Certification Center, Renmin University of China and other institutions, which won the many projects in a short span of a year, all the project here use the product of Airpool

Chief representative of Airpool in China, Mr. Larry Eason said that either the air purifiers of Japan or the United States are not completely suitable for China, Chinese air pollution is very different from that in Japan and the United States, these purifiers are still very limited in the efficiency to remove the PM2.5 with high concentrations, and Chinese ignore the cost to replace the filter element of purifier, the cost is much higher than that when use purifier in Japan and the United States. After Air pool entered into China, it analyzed the air pollution seriously in China. And researched and developed based on the nearly 20-year technology, and produced a more efficient air purifier, the efficiency of purifying PM2.5 can reach the top one in this industry.

Mr. Larry Eason, Chief representative of Airpool in China

“The commercial market will be increasingly reflecting greater demand, we focus on the development of our products in the whole field, and try to provide the best products to China’s commercial air and make the air with the best quality,” Larry Eason told the reporters confidently. 10 years ago, famous RDF group of America has entered into Chinese market, and also achieved good results. The main aim of its products is to kill bacteria, which is without the most effective purification technology of PM2.5, in recent years, the sales has mediocre performance. And they have launched the air purifier that mainly removes PM2.5. The United States needs to export more good technology and products to China to enhance air purifier market share of the U.S. in china.

The air pollution in China is serious, which results in industry chain of new purifier products, global purifier products will enter into China and will bring prosperity and development of the global purifier industry.

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