Media Specialist Lisa Williams Chosen to Host Radio Show and Announces Launch of New Initiative Specifically for Women in Business

Lisa Williams will host her own segment of a radio show on Business Innovators Radio. She is also launching a new initiative called Avant-Garde Women, which will help female entrepreneurs succeed in business through positioning.

Media Specialist Lisa Williams has been tapped to host a new radio show on Business Innovators Radio. It is an on-demand radio show that can be found on Apple’s iTunes, Stitcher and Spreaker, which serves as an entertaining and inspirational business and lifestyle platform. It features motivational and innovative information from the top influencers and authorities in their industries. Williams will join other industry innovators and trendsetters who share proven strategies to help listeners build a better life right now.

Williams helps professionals and entrepreneurs to become recognized authorities in their industries, and helps to set them apart from their competitors. The core of her business model is to leverage the media to build a brand. When announcing the new show, Williams said, “I am looking forward to interviewing professionals, thought leaders and entrepreneurs, highlighting their expertise and sharing the magic they offer in their business.”

Williams has already chosen the professionals she wants to highlight on her show, and she will use the radio show as a platform to give added value and exposure to business owners and professionals. Although her show will feature both men and women, she will primarily focus on women in business. Fortune magazine stated in 2015 that black women are “the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America,” and reported that “the number of women-owned firms grew 1.5 times the national average.”

To complement her new radio show and to offer even more help to women entrepreneurs, Williams announced the launch of a new initiative. Although the term “avant-garde” is typically used in reference to the arts, the initiative is geared to serve women in business. Avant-garde also means the advance group in any field, one that is very modern and may shock people because it is so different from what has gone before. Avant-garde is up to date, cutting edge, the latest.

This initiative is specifically for women in business: entrepreneurs and professional women in law, medicine, entertainment, real estate and mortgage. The initiative is also for other licensed professionals, change makers as well as African American women entrepreneurs – the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. Helping women succeed in business women in business and stand out among their competition without having to choose between their roles as a business owner and as a woman. Her mission is to help business women become doyennes – women who are most respected or prominent persons in a particular field.


Lisa Williams, president of Authority Book Consulting, LP, is a best-selling author, speaker and media strategist who helps professionals stand out among their competition by leveraging the media to build their brand. She specializes in helping women succeed in business without having to compete by the power of positioning. 

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