Prominent Houston Lawyer Eyes Immigration Cases

HOUSTON, TX –  05 Feb, 2016 – Since leaving the Harris County DA’s office over 10 years ago Attorney Carvana Y. Cloud has operated a criminal defense law firm that has also proven to be instrumental in successfully resolving a number of Houston immigration cases. 

With an eye on recent developments in immigration law, the treatment of immigrants, the unfair detainment of permanent residents travelling abroad, and the for-profit nature of the apparatus built to detain migrants, Attorney Carvana Y. Cloud saw a growing need for a law practice dedicated to immigration law and deportation defense.

Ser Legal LLC, a subsidiary of The Cloud Law Firm P.C., is a newly launched law practice that’s based in Houston, TX that will focus purely on immigration cases and helping immigrants. 

When asked why not continue to accept immigration clients exclusively through The Cloud Law Firm P.C., the parent of Ser Legal LLC, she replied, “After hearing a number of horror stories about other lawyers from immigration clients of our parent firm, we saw a need to directly engage the immigrant community as a competent option for legal representation.”

She went on to add, “We’ve never directly marketed our services as immigration attorneys. Most of our immigration clients would stumble upon our website, by chance, and call us for help after noticing we accepted immigration cases. We needed to find an easier way for immigrants to connect with us.”

“When we see cases like that of David Rodriguez, a U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder) that was detained for a period of over 70 days for no good reason, we could tell that the Houston area immigration bar was in dire need of support to serve the people.”

“We’ve also taken notice to increased profiteering by the prison industrial complex as it relates to housing detainees. With quotas for detainees in place, the interests of private prison corporations like CCA & GEO Group are appealed-to when immigrants lack visible and suitable options for legal counsel. In my opinion, immigration detention quotas could be seen to infringe on human rights and is a practice that’s not in place at any other level of law enforcement.”

While we wait for immigration reform, Ser Legal LLC can help immigrants to become citizens via the process of naturalization, obtain green cards, obtain K-1 Fiancé Visas, deportation & detainment defense, and with DACA, Waivers, and with removal of certain conditions.

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