Eye & Vision Starts Using Advanced Technology to Help in Diagnosis and Treatment for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can now be addressed as Eye & Vision introduces an advanced technology for the condition to be diagnosed and treated properly.

DES or dry eye syndrome refers to the chronic lack of adequate moisture and lubrication on the eye surface. The consequences of the condition can range from the minor irritations up to the inability of wearing contact lenses and increased chances of eye infections and corneal inflammation. Good thing that Eye & Vision has now introduced an advanced technology that can help in addressing and solving this issue.

Burning sensation, scratchiness and persistent dryness on the eyes are the most common symptoms of DES. The symptoms alone might already be enough for the eye doctor to diagnose DES. There are times when he might want to measure the tear amount in your eyes. A thin filter paper strip will be put at edge of the eye, known as Schirmer test, is a good means of measuring it.

DES is an ongoing condition which might not be cured by treatments. However, after your dry eye examination, the symptoms of the condition including burning, scratchiness and dryness can be managed with great ease and success.

Artificial tears can be recommended. These are the lubricating eye drops that can reduce the scratching and dry feeling and the dry eye’s foreign body sensation. The prescription eye drops for the condition go another step further as these can also help in increasing the tear production.

For the more serious dry eye cases, the eye doctor might also suggest the use of punctual plugs. These small devices will be inserted in ducts in the lids for slowing the drainage of the tears away from the eye that then keeps the eyes more moist.

There are instances when doctors can also suggest taking special nutritional supplements that contain some essential fatty acids for decreasing the symptoms of dry eyes. The symptoms can also be relieved by drinking a higher amount of water.

In case the dry eye condition is caused by medications, the discontinuing of the use of the drug can resolve the issue. However, in such cases, the essence of the drug needs to be weighed against dry eyes as side effects. There are times when switching to an entirely different kind of medication lessens the symptoms of dry eyes while still keeping the required treatment.

To know more about the newest technology available at Eye & Vision, you can personally go to the location of the Richardson eye doctor’s office or check out their official Facebook page. They have the skills and the expertise needed for addressing the problem and putting an end to your discomfort brought by your dry eye symptoms.

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