David Wenzel Former Brad Pitt’s Stand-in Directs the Feature Film ”Forgetting Sandy Glass”

05 Feb, 2016 – Actor/Producer/Director David Wenzel who worked with Brad Pitt in such film as “Sleepers”, “Devils Own”, “Meet Joe Black”, “Burn After Reading” Directs the soon to be released film “Forgetting Sandy Glass” available for Pre-Order on Vimeo on Demand, David also plays the role of PO Murphy.

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Pre Order: Forgetting Sandy Glass is available for Pre Order now to rent or buy!


Forgetting Sandy Glass is a feature film about 3 brothers and their dysfunctional family. With both parents out of the picture, & the oldest brother Sandy in prison, Michael, the middle brother, is left to take care of his youngest brother Tommy. After an eight-year sentence, Sandy is finally being released from prison and he wants to return home and be there for his brothers. He is greeted with open arms from his youngest brother Tommy, who idolizes him. However, Michael is very cautious & nervous because he knows the truth that lies behind his brother Sandy and is afraid Tommy will be let down again. Sandy has a difficult timemeshing back into society and this eventually leads him back down the wrong path.

Production Notes:

The producing trio; David Wenzel, John P. Rigores, and Lara Starr Rigores who recently produced the film titled “Preying for Mercy” directed by the legendary Bill Duke, and starring 3 time Emmy winner Martha Byrne, have once again teamed up for another film with Jamie Dolan to write, produce, and direct the feature film “Forgetting Sandy Glass”. The film is set to be released in spring of 2016. The film will be available on platforms such as, 

Amazon, BigstarTV, ITunes, and several others.

Pre Order: Forgetting Sandy Glass is available for Pre Order now to rent or buy!

For more information, visit: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ForgettingSandyGlass

It has been a crazy 20 years in this industry and a lot has happened to get me to this point. There are many people who have been in support of me including my most wonderful wife. Brad Pitt has had a lasting impression via my work experiences with him and he has influenced me in so many ways most of which has pushed me into producing and not asking for permission. Some people may call this a publicity stunt… My answer to that is whatever! I just wanted to take the time to extend my special thanks to Brad.

For more information, visit: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ForgettingSandyGlass

Side Note:

Think Tank, written by David’s brother, Kevin Wenzel, was conceived when David called Kevin from the set of the Cohen Brothers film Burn After Reading. David and Kevin had once discussed writing a series based on the concept of Domestic Surveillance and the CIA. David told Kevin, “If we don’t write something ourselves I’m never going to make it in this industry.” As has always been true for David in his acting career, when the right opportunity didn’t present itself, he created it.

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ForgettingSandyGlass

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