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CHICAGO, IL – 05 Feb, 2016 – Eric Hays and David Garside, co-founders of SportsFyle, LLC  are actively working on what could be the “Next Big Thing” in social networking. SportsFyle will provide an online player scrapbook and sports community platforms.  They (with the help of their friends, family and a lot of cups of coffee) have created a onlin platform that will focus exclusively on sports.  Eric and David, recently have announced their KickStarter crowdfunding campaign on February 16th, 2016.  The proceeds will be allocated towards the development of SportsFyle’s mobile solution and addtional features to enhance the user experience.  In the last two weeks alone their Facebook page has seen 25,000+ engagements and their Twitter account almost has 2,000 followers now.

David Garside one of the co-founders and CEO of SportsFYLE said: “Players can then develop their own unique virtual scrapbook and sports identity called their FYLE. Our SportsFYLE Connect platform offers a different kind of focused experience designed to get player’s history organized and get them socially connected to their sport.”

Eric has a personal story that helps fuel his passion for this idea.  “When I was a teenager living in Canada I wish I would have had a SportsFYLE solution when I was trying to market myself for a football scholarship.  Instead I had to build my own sports resume.”  Well, Eric succeeded and got a scholarship playing for the Northern Illinois Huskies.  Rather than play in the Canadian Football League (CFL), he pursued his family and professional interests.  

Several years later he was employee number twenty four  and he helped to build the network infrastructure for

The founders of Sportsfyle also aim to highlight their trademark of the word “FYLE”, which represents an online profile. Sport’s aficionados will want to have their own fyle to tell their story and affiliation to their respective sport.  They have released as a concept community and they have also launched,,, and to help introduce their sports community idea.

They are looking for the support of the crowdfunding community primarily the one’s that enjoy sports and athletics. They have developed a variety of different sports related incentives.  The funds raised will help to bring their networks to life. It is free to join and early adopters are encouraged to sign up and participate in what could be the next big thing in social networking.

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About SportsFYLE, LLC

SportsFYLE, LLC is an early stage startup based in Chicago, IL founded by Eric Hays and David Garside.  Eric & David are also the authors of They are the only two employees at this time.

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