CMATOS Martial Arts School Introduces Free Online Self Defense Lessons for the Physically Challenged

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February 8, 2016 – Indialantic, FL, United States – “CMATOS LLC,” one of Florida’s prominent martial arts school is pleased to announce that it is now offering free online martial arts lesson that can also be used by physically challenged individuals. The CMATOS self defense course comprises of free videos and accompanying lessons that allow students to achieve the theoretical level of proficiency.

According to company’s spokesperson Stephen Salaka, “CMATOS is, at its roots is American Kenpo Karate. However, where it differs from other Kenpo systems is that the belt levels are simplified, and the focus is not so much on memorization of techniques and forms (although this does play a role for proficiency demonstrations and rank testing).”

In America itself, people of all ages with physical challenges are victimized far more often than others. In other words, physical disability can significantly limit the options one has when it comes to self defense. However, with certain specific training, even disabled individuals can easily defend themselves in an event of violent attack. Although, their need for self defense training is great, hardly any of the martial arts schools have ever made any attempt to train such individuals.

However, the good news is that CMATOS has introduced a series of new, specially designed free self defense training lessons for physically challenged that allow them to learn the basics of Kenpo Budokan Karate from home. Thankfully, regardless of age, gender, or physical disability, anyone can now learn several effective self-defense techniques.

The term “Kenpo Budokan Karate” is derived from Japanese and can mean many different things. The kenpo part pays homage to the system’s roots in Kenpo Karate. Kenpo also comes from the Chinese term quan fa, which roughly translates into boxing or shaolin fighting. Unlike many traditional hard styles of Karate which originate from Japan, many of Kenpo’s movements are more fluid and angular – tracing back to its Chinese roots rather than its more straight line roots in Japan. Budokan in Japanese usually refers to a building where budo competitions take place (tournaments), but it can also refer to a “house of warriors/champions”. Karate – from Japanese means open hand – the core techniques from CMATOS are empty handed techniques. Putting this all together, Kenpo Budokan Karate means “The House of Kenpo Karate Warriors.”

The CMATOS program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Eight Fold Path that comprises of 8 basic directional movements, 8 Basic Blocks, 8 Basic Kicks, and 8 Basic Strikes. Besides, each combination set has 8 different movements, each rank has 8 self-defense techniques to study and apply, each Rank has 8 fundamentals which need to be studied, the Master 8 fold form is taught at all levels, and there are only 8 degrees of Black Belt Ranking.

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Founded by Soke Salaka (8th degree Black Belt), CMATOS the Kenpo Budokan Karate System is the result of his 32 years of hard work and study. Unlike other Kenpo schools that primarily focus on technique memorization and form performance, CMATOS is designed with flexibility in mind, and encourages students to study other styles and systems and bring these techniques and skills back into their CMATOS practice. Any technique can be modified to meet the needs of the individual allowing them to overcome most physical challenges.

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