Career and Life Coach Laura Landau Launches The Life Balance Playbook

Critically acclaimed book offers powerful insight into building a life that aligns with priorities


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – FEBRUARY 8, 2016 – Career and life coach Laura Landau has released her debut book, The Life Balance Playbook. The expertly articulated blueprint for building a life that aligns with priorities has been carefully crafted to help people decide what they want while showing them how to build their lives to bring those desired dreams to fruition.

The Life Balance Playbook recently received critical acclaim from Kirkus Reviews, which called it “pragmatic, inspiring advice on time/life management” and “life-balance savvy (indeed, genius).”

Landau said, “I love helping people make their lives better. And better balance can do just that!” Landau, who is also a workshop leader and speaker on topics of balance, collaboration, and communication, says she has always prioritized life balance throughout the course of her career. On her resume, she’s got a 16-year tenure with Microsoft Corporation, and she says that during that time, she coached and mentored many people. The topic of life balance was common. “I found that I was able to have a profound impact through my coaching and advice on this topic. It is incredibly rewarding.” Landau said, “When I was asked to give a presentation on work-life balance, I jumped at the chance. That presentation became the outline for this book.”

Within the book, readers can find the tools to define what life balance means to them, identify short and long term definitions of success, pinpoint damaging personal behaviors, evaluate key relationships to uncover opportunities for more support, and build a concrete action plan. While the book is tailored for individuals to pick up and read, Landau says that she has also designed a corporate workshop to bring the book to organizations.

When it comes to the importance of work-life balance, Landau said, “Work-life balance has a multiplier effect for families, friends, and even co-workers. Too many people have created lives that society deems as success, but are not fulfilling to them… People can live better lives, with less stress and more focus on the things that are truly important to them.”

The Life Balance Playbook encourages readers to look at their life from a different perspective and challenges them to view their behaviors and choices with true costs in mind. The book offers a step-by-step, practical approach to help people make goal-oriented changes to improve their work-life balance immediately.

One recent reader said, “I feel so lucky to have found this book. I am in a moment where I am truly reflecting on where I am and where I want to be in my life, with the craziness of a hectic job, traveling all over the globe, a family that I care about immensely and myself, who usually is last of the heap in terms of priorities.”

According to Landau, life balance is a choice that requires tradeoffs. Each person defines life balance differently and is responsible for their own life balance, but even the smallest changes can have an effect on life balance. With a philosophy of empowerment, Landau offers the tools for change while allowing readers to be accountable for their choices.

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Laura Landau is a well-known career and life coach, workshop leader, and speaker on topics of balance, collaboration, and communication. 

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