Valentine’s Day Sale for Kitcheneed Silicone BBQ Gloves Announced

Kitcheneed has brought attractive offers and discounts this season, on their “Must Have” product, Cooking Gloves Heat Resistant.

08 Feb, 2016 – Preparing a four-course meal for loved ones on Valentine’s Day is now hassle free. In this special season, Kitcheneed has brought attractive offers on Cooking Gloves Heat Resistant, Silicone BBQ GlovesOn buying two pairs of the heat resistant cooking gloves, a third pair is available at a flat 50% discount.

Kitcheneed has devised a beautiful way for everyone to thank their wives on this special occasion for their daily effort and relieving them of the hand burns that cooking usually accompanies. The Silicone BBQ Gloves make a thoughtful as well as useful Valentine’s Day Gift.

Silicone BBQ Gloves are manufactured with best quality material enabling those gloves to withstand 425oF heat. Gripping and moving hot things from the oven or refrigerator become easier. It finds applicability in a wide range of activities: cooking, grilling, pickling, camping, opening a stubborn lid on a jar, fighting pets or critters. Made up of 100% silicone, these gloves are waterproof and dishwasher safe, with no foul smelling inner mould. The medium-one sized gloves are designed so as to fit hands of any size.

Kitcheneed presents the opportunity of saving $29.99 with the purchase of each pair of Silicone BBQ Gloves this season. These gloves are available at a price of $9.99 only, with a lifetime customer service and guaranteed refund option if the product does not meet expectation.

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Kitcheneed is a new company selling kitchenware. In the two months that they have been selling on Amazon, they have already acquired a name for themselves through their product Cooking Gloves Heat Resistant.

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