“Those We Leave Behind” is a Powerful Film that Explores the Harsh Realities of Suicide among American Veteran Families

One of the greatest ongoing tragedies in our country is the silent epidemic of suicides among our war veterans. It is estimated that 22 veterans commit suicide each day, many due to the unresolved trauma from combat experiences. This shockingly high number – almost one every hour – is a sad testament to our failures to properly serve these brave men and women with medical and psychological assistance. In an effort to raise awareness about veteran suicides and their impact on family members, a new film “Those We Leave Behind” tells the story of Richard Lambie, a combat veteran who can find no relief from his PTSD and takes his life.

“Those We Leave Behind” doesn’t stop after Richard commits suicide; it continues to examine the horrific consequences for his wife and teenage daughter. Many families who have experienced a suicide will recognize the huge emotional costs that are visited upon them. This authentic and powerful film should also resonate with veterans who are having difficulty adjusting to civilian life back home.

Produced by a team of experienced filmmakers – many of whom served in the armed forces – including writer/director Sgt. P. Seth Roberts, producer Alan Dillingham (Navy veteran), and director of photography Toby Bonney, “Those We Leave Behind” is a feature length film that boasts a star-studded cast. The talented actors include Steve Sumner, Elle Doucette, and Emily McLean who come from prestigious acting programs and impressive credits in major film projects.

This independent film project is being produced by Killatainment Films, an esteemed filmmaking company with a long list of feature-length and short films. Killatainment Films is inviting the public to join them in creating a moving drama that will certainly touch audiences around the country. The production team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and is asking for backers to help meet the goal of raising $100,000. These funds will go towards production, sets, film insurance, post-production and marketing. In addition to financing film production, ten percent of all donations will be directed to a military charity that specifically helps veterans with PTSD.

In return for supporting this project, backers can receive valuable perks like digital wallpaper/posters, digital copy of the script, “Making of” photobook, T-shirts, signed photos, Skype session with the director, video shout-out, Associate Producer credit, dinner with cast and crew, invitation to the wrap party, Executive Producer credits, signed prop, or an interview to be included on the DVD.

To learn more about “Those We Leave Behind” or to make a donation, please visit http://bit.ly/1RakWQx


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