Cornerstone Rehab Helping You with Drug And Alcohol Addiction

While the peaceful setting encourages deep engagement in one’s recovery, there is a respect for and ample time to address the other issues that busy, productive individuals manage.

Cornerstone Rehab provides personalized care to both men and women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction in a private, luxurious setting. As an independent and privately owned addiction rehabilitation center, Cornerstone Rehab has the freedom to ensure that guests’ interests always come first.

Its spacious grounds allow Cornerstone Rehab to offer an authentic residential experience, where guests live and receive treatment in comfort 24 hours a day. Guests participate in an ongoing and highly comprehensive assessment with a wide range of specialists whose purpose is to guide them on their individualized journey to physical health, mental soundness, emotional maturity, social responsibility and spiritual resilience. These professionals include physicians, therapists, a nutritionist and personal trainers who use a variety of modalities.

With the approach of “Personal Recovery,” Cornerstone Rehab believes that each guest’s journey toward recovery must follow a course that is unique to themselves and their strengths. The treatment team works with each guest to create a truly individualized plan for relapse-resistant recovery. With a very strong emphasis on the holistic nature of recovery, Cornerstone Rehab focuses on many aspects of each guest’s life, including their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

“When healing from the chaos of alcoholism and other dependencies,” Dr. Chris continued. “We seek peace, social connection, gentle guidance, and serenity. Our guests can walk along the running stream, engage in deep, restorative sleep and move their muscles in a myriad of ways that suit them to bring about gentle healing. These little amenities encourage openness, the key to the entire process,” said Dr. Chris.

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