A new website razonled.com. Offering Led strip lights 5050 launched

08 Feb, 2016 – The website is now operational, both as a selling point as well as a platform where those who are looking for information on LED strip lights 5050 can get accurate and relevant details on the products. According to the website owner, Radek Schuppik, the formation of the website was a response to LED strip light users who wanted product that could meet their needs and at the same time a platform where they could get reliable and accurate information on the product.

One of the products which is available in the website is the Led strip lights 5050, this product, according to the company spokesperson was selling at Amazon, in an attempt to expand the market and reach more people, the company found decided to have a website which will not only be selling the products but also providing vital information to users of LED stripe. 

The main product being offered at RazonLED.com is the LED Strip RGB.
Product description

LED strip lights 5050 with 60 SMD/m, represents a decorative lighting wherever giving the user an opportunity to change colour according to mood or needs. The light can be used in an apartment, house, restaurant, or other interior. The light is versatile, and easy to use; it is easy to change the brightness, illumination level, and also the colour itself using the remote control. Other features of the product includes the ability to evoke different functions like flashing colours, colour transitions and dimming. These features make it an ideal lighting and decorative equipment, making it an ideal strip for use in interior designing.

One of the advantages of using this strip is its longevity, the model has a service life for up to 50,000 hours making it one of the most effective strips in the market. RGB strips not inly lasts ling but also saves a huge amount of money especially to those who are faced with heavy energy consumption due to use of less efficient devices. It only uses 14.4 W/m.

The RGB LED strip light comes with a remote control, this makes it easy to use, using the remote it is easy to select a colour of choice from the many shades without having to move an inch. Using the remote the user can also adjust the brightness.

The LED strip lights 5050 comes as a five meter long strip but is calibrated after every five centimetres allowing the user to shorten it to fit the size of the installations. It also comes with an adapter for powering the entire installation. For those who may have difficulties installing the product comes with an installation guide, that is easy to understand.

For those who may be interested in making a purchase, the company has given an Amazon link http://www.amazon.com/Razon-Waterproof-Flexible-SMD5050-300leds/dp/B017FCNHMI. Also the company appeals to the customers to visit the website and get more information about the product.

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Country: United States
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